Saturday, December 31, 2005

My latest post has won an award

I hope all my readers enjoyed my latest opus "I want Jack Layton to step down while the RCMP investigates his moustache."

I've just found out that this post has won an award. It's called the "Erik Sorenson hates it so I must be doing something right." award. It's very prestigious.

I routinely check the incoming links to my blog just so I can see where my hits come from. I noticed a link and followed it and it was an NDipper panning my post, so I checked out the comments and here is Erik Sorenson loathing my post. I've seen Erik around before, he loves to post his "I know everything" rants around some of my favorite blogs, and when a man of this utter ignorance hates you, you simply must be doing something right. I must also congratulate my esteemed colleague "The Sir Robert Bond Papers" as he also won an award.

Here's the speech he gave on announcing my prize, with my (commentary added):

L4L is only a Liberal sniper. (I actually play Battlefield 1942 and I'm a pretty decent sniper, I'm really good with the M1 Garand.) He gleefully erases any dissenting comments input on his blog. (See, I hate to nitpick Erik, but I don't "erase" them, I "rejected" them) Just another immature child. (Well, he's 64, so I guess everyone under 50 is a child to him I'm 26 by the way, I imagine if he had his way you'd have to be 40 to vote, those damn whipper snappers!)

Sir Robert Bond Papers, despite it's prententious (I think it’s funny him pretending to be all learned and he spells pretentious incorrectly.) name, is a rag and another of the Liberal sniping crew. (Snipers actually do work in crews of two sometimes, one of them spots the targets while the other takes the shot. We don't do that in Battlefield 1942, but I wish we did.) He doesn't even allow comments. (I can't imagine why, with scintillating things like this who say who wouldn't want to hear it?) Should be categorized as a small-minded Liberal self-gratification advocacy site. (self-gratification? I didn't notice any pics of Lindsay Lohan, but I'll have to check again....)

Both show a self-love, "legend in their own mind" (No, no, no, I go with the Tupac version "Legend in my own rhyme.") type of mentality, combined with slavish devotion to Captain Chicken. (This is classic, I looked on his site and that's his nickname for Martin, I mean really could you come up with a more moronic nickname? I suppose you could call him "Erik.") They are both part of the Chicken Crew (Wait now your confusing me, I thought I was part of the sniping crew.) ... echoing their leader's cry that anyone raising a contrary view is "unfit". (Contrary, no. Ultra far right in a country populated by a vast majority of slightly right to moderate left citizens, yes.)

Almost in the same league, only I call them drive-by Liberals, (Ok, so let me write this down, I'm a Sniper, a Captain Chicken crew member, well that makes sense because I'd have to be under some sort of command structure were I a sniper, and a drive-by Liberal. But if I'm a sniper how can I be a drive by Liberal? See a sniper shoots from far away under concealment whereas a drive by shooter gets right up close in a car and shoots. I'll have to ask for clarification.) are the Liberal blogs that only allow comments from folks who have a Blogger account. (Yup, we all know how much the Conservative voters loathe elitist clubs, he says he's not a Conservative like I say I'm a size 4.) This effectively makes 99.99999% (As I said I checked out his site and he loves using this 99.99999999999999999999infinity bullshit. I guess it presents the illusion he can add.) of Canadians ineligible to post any view, pro or con, on their blogs ... since this percentage of Canadians doesn't have a Blogger account. (And as we all know Blogger accounts are impossible to get, I had to kill a monkey with a monkey wrench while singing a song by the monkeys just to get mine. The guy who gave it to me was on a monkey kick that week.)

I guess it speaks volumes about the immaturity and lack of confidence, (If I lacked confidence I wouldn't post at all, I just got sick of assholes like this wizard posting things like YOU SUCK AND CONSERVATIVES R00L WE P0WNZ0RED J00 C0Z WE R L33T!!!11!1!!1!!) not to mention conviction, of these bloggers. And also is telling about the positions they advance for self-gratification. (I couldn't find and Lindsay pics, you lying bastard.)

Soak it up, guys and gals. And may your personal growth and maturity remain stunted. (My personal growth depends on keeping Stephen Harper, a man who thinks human rights are great except if he doesn't like the humans in question, out of 24 Sussex. How can I grow in a country run by Stephen Harper, a man who is farther right than George W. Bush? How could I not be ashamed to be a Canadian with a scum sucker like that running my country?)

I'd like to thank the acadamy, my Cat, my producer, my editor, my director, my wife Lisa: WE DID IT BABY!!!!!!!!!!