Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Liberal Forum

For any of the people who used to post on the forum I had, I opened it back up again at the request of Goldenhawk.


If you want back in and have forgotten your password or something or just have a problem post in the comments here and I'll look at it. Any liberal out there who'd like to join in the conversation away from Conservative trolls feel free to post in the comments as well and we'll give ya a tryout.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well, Let's Let Everyone In!

What a sad day for Canada, when we allow a fringe party, which has never elected an MP, in to the leaders debates. So, I say if we're going to let waccos in I say why not let everyone in? Hell maybe I should start my own party (it's not really that hard) and find 308 people willing to share the profits with me. What profits you ask? Why I'm going to contact goldenpalace.com and ask them how much they'd like to pay me to wear a goldenpalace.com t-shirt during the debates to determine the next government in the second largest country on the planet. I'm sure I can earn a pretty penny.

That's about as stupid an idea as allowing the Green Party in to the leadership debates. For the love of God this party has never elected an MP. DO YOU HEAR ME!?!? THEY'VE NEVER ELECTED AN MP!!! And now their wacco leader gets to stand on a stage in front of the entire country.

That's a lesson for you kids out there, if you just screech and complain as loud as you can like a little kid in a department store over and over and over again eventually you can get anything you want in this world.

So I say let them all in, let Ron Gray of the Canadian Heritage party up there, I mean Hell they qualify, they've never elected an MP either! lets get Sinclair Stevens from the Progressive Canadian party and see what he has to say, and while we're at it lets bring up Blair Longley from the Marijuana party, and Sandra Smith from the Marxist-Leninist party!

And while we're at it, lets bring in Proportional Representation so we can have a situation where a small fringe party the vast vast vast majority of the country voted against can hold the balance of power in the House of Commons. What could possibly go wrong with a plan that would allow 5% of the vote to control %100 of the country?

Things like this make we wonder why I even give a shit. The Conservative party getting a majority doesn't hurt me personally, I'm not gay or a woman wanting an abortion. I'm jsut sick of fighting the idiocy that is prevalent in our country and the U.S. as well. I guess Bill Maher is right when he says we're too dumb to be governed.

Enjoy the Canada we're creating here folks, meanwhile I'll be at the Passport office and online looking for a good house in downtown Baghdad.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Harper Conservatives: Tough on Crime

I think all of us can agree that Stephen Harper and his Conservative party are tough on criminals. Why just the other day I got a pamphlet in my mailbox telling me so. It showed a picture of a gentleman sitting on his couch with open liquor in proximity pointing the channel changer at us. The pamphlet had the word "Jail?" written in the middle of the image.

On the reverse side it went in to some detail telling me how the Conservative party was tough on criminals and how they were going to eliminate house arrest for certain offenders, which of course wouldn't bother me considering they're also planning on cutting taxes to the bone so hey we'll be able to pay for all those extra jail cells without going in to deficit right?

So there I was, walking down my hallway on my way out the door for work when what do I see on one of my neighbor's newspapers? "Tories ditch Halifax candidate."

Why would they ditch the Halifax candidate you ask? Well it turns out she has a criminal record of course!

Now, I don't personally care whether this person has a criminal record or not. If she's paid her debt and she's not a threat to re-offend then I say who cares? But it just goes to what I call the Culture of Hypocrisy in the modern Conservative movement where they preach one thing and practice another. Now in the end they did end her candidacy after two days, but the party who likes to profess itself as the most competent to lead the country has now made two big mistakes in succesive days in the campaign (this and poopgate) one would think they're the most prepared for having known for sure when they would call it before everyone else.

Now it's time for everyone's favorite game

Can YOU Spot the Outlier?

If you guessed Segma Unimarketing you're correct! You've won a BRAND NEW CAR!!!!*

*New car offer valid only to non Earth residents.

Everyone knows the only polling firm worth a pinch of shit in Canada is Nanos Research. (Formerly SES) They start coming out with nightly numbers on Thursday, you can either see them on CPAC's Primetime Politics or on their website @ http://www.nanosresearch.com/main.asp

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm Very Happy

I haven't said much for a while, I'm sure some of you thought I died or got thrown in Jail by Harper or something but I'm still here.

I just wanted to say I'm very happy the Greens have been excluded from the debates once again. I'm happy their sleazy little trick of taking a tainted MP who the Liberals booted out of their caucus and turning him Green didn't succeed. I've mentioned this issue before.


But I do think that we need to set clear rules for the inclusion of the leadership debates so that fringe parties like the Greens know exactly what they have to do to get in. I think that it should have something to do with being elected to official party status in the house but then you get in to the problem of what happened to the PC's in 1993. (hehehe) So maybe if a party has been elected to official party status in any of the last 3 elections? Something along those lines. But having a single elected MP shouldn't be threshold.