Saturday, April 30, 2011

One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest

So the Liberal candidate in my riding Dr. Stan Kutcher, had a libelous article about him posted in the free local newspaper The Coast. A paper I normally enjoy save for their blatant NDP bias, as evidenced by the fact they posted a story about NDP Premier Darrell Dexter before he was elected Premier.

But the underlying story is more complicated than that, The Coast issued a retraction online it's true but since the article was posted in their last issue before the election anyone who reads the print version only will have no idea until after election day. Another paper locally The Chronicle Herald wrote an article about it, so that helped a bit, but the demographics for the two papers are very different.

But also a part of this story is how The Coast relied on a bunch of Scientologist wack jobs and one of their puppet reporters as their one and only source for the story. Now as I said I enjoy the Coast, and the reporter in question Tim Bousquet does some awesome reporting on the goings on (or lack thereof) of our inept city council, so I have to say I was surprised that they would sink to such levels. But, as a recent poll says their golden girl Megan Leslie could be in trouble so they may have decided that they needed to do something to save her. Kutcher also mentioned that "hundreds" of his signs have been stolen during the campaign, further illustrating the Leslie campaign (or its unaffiliated supporters) desperation.

I can't say I'm surprised she's in trouble. At the local debate held recently at St Mary's University she was much like her leader: all flash and no substance. Relying on crowd pleasing one liners instead of actually addressing the issue in question. Which is probably why she refused to debate Dr. Kutcher on health care.

Hopefully our campaign can rise above these dirty tricks and deliver victory for Stan in Halifax.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stan Kutcher for Halifax

The highlight of an event I personally attended, a debate between 4 of the candidates for the riding of Halifax.


Interviewer: I've just got a moment left, but I know that what you've advocated is perhaps a coalition of right wing parties that somehow they might have a chance. It's not likely to happen I guess before the next federal election expected this year. Who do you think's gonna win?

Stephen Harper: Well, it would really surprise me at the moment if the Liberals didn't get the most seats, I mean judging from all the, not just the polling data but the fact they have such a wide coalition. The way the Liberals I think are eventually gonna lose office whether it's in this election or the next one is they're gonna fail to win a majority. They basically lost Quebec and without Quebec the Liberal party has never been a majority party in this country. And that's where I think you're gonna face someday a minority parliament with the Liberals maybe having the largest number of seats and what will be the test is then whether there's any party in opposition that's able to form a coalition or working alliance with, with the others, and I think we have a political system that's gonna continue to have three or four different parties or five different parties and so I think that parties that want to form government are gonna have to eventually learn to work together.

Interviewer: Ok, we know where your vote is, on the right. Stephen Harper thanks so much.