Wednesday, November 08, 2006

CNN Projects: The Democrats Win The House!

Oh thank God, finally that moron Dubya will have effective opposition.

Monday, November 06, 2006

It's So Very Hard... not be overconfident for tomorrow, the U.S. Midterm Elections. I'm really trying to guard against it. But I still know that Republicans have rigged the last 3 elections and after watching Hacking Democracy I think they're perfectly capable of doing so again, and it's far easier than it was for them before. I think if the Republicans somehow pull out a miracle and don't lose the House (The Senate is by all accounts a dead heat) there needs to be a massive investigation. There of course won't be, but I think there needs to be one.

Then we have people like this genius who keeps hoping against hope that his fascist buddies can pull one out of the fire. He's also painfully unaware of how his party stole previous elections. He actually thinks they won them on merit. BAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA Oh man, that's a great one. I mean I know the Liberals screwed up on the Sponsorship program, I readily admit it. I don't think it was as overblown as the far righters said it was, but still I admit they screwed up. But people like this guy, who is a Jesus freak as if you couldn't have guessed, are so hopelessly out of touch with reality it is frightening. This guy lost both his parents in Iraq (they were missionaries, there to spread the word of Christ) in the war W started and he's still drinking the far right cool-aid.

My Dream Scenario: The Dems win both chambers, impeach Bush and Cheyney, and Nancy Pelosi (the concencus for Speaker of the House) becomes President until 2009.

My Nightmare Scenario: The Republicans steal another election, and no one in the States seems to care enough to do anything about it.

I imagine the outcome will fall somewhere in between.