Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gee, What a Surprise...

Looks like Chicken Steve is going to fill the 18 Senate vacancies before the end of the year in case he loses the power to do so in January.

What a surprise, I seem to remember a blogger, a really handsome looking one, saying that if we got power we should do the same to keep him from getting a majority by 2010.

I can't remember who it was though.

Oh well, it'll come to me eventually.

Monday, December 08, 2008

CBC Projection: Liberals win Majority in Quebec

35 minutes in, too bad the rest of the country doesn't go this way. But it's good to see that we won't have a referendum for 3-5 years.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Hat Tip to Canuck Attitude

for his hilarious find of this website, the video alone is enough to make me wet myself laughing, especially the part about Layton Cycling.

His post:

The Website:

Thursday, December 04, 2008


What a terrible precedent that has been set by the Governor General, that a Prime Minister can just dodge a vote of Confidence any time they feel like it.

I can't help but feel that those in the West would have been outraged had this happened in reverse back when Paul Martin faced a confidence motion.

A sad say for Canada.

The Waiting Game

I know all there is to know, about the Waiting game... I've had my share, of the waiting game...

This is like waiting for a jury to finish deliberating, you keep wondering "so it's a long time, is this good or bad? Oh, they're opening the door! We must have an answer... Why are they sitting there with the door open? We taxpayers are paying for that! (God you sound like a Conservative -Ed.)

The truth is, we all just have to wait. In that sense we're all in the same boat, Liberal, Conservative, Dipper, Bloc supporters. We're all waiting to find out what will happen, what the future of our country is. Either way it's a huge decision.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Flaggate Part II: The Prime Minister Changes His Story

You'll recall yesterday in Question Period the Prime Minister accused the Coalition of signing their agreement without the Canadian flag behind them, until CBC news aired a report showing that in fact the flag was behind them.


So instead of admitting he made a mistake, (Don't hold your breath with this Prime Minister -Ed.) the Prime Minister instead changed his story by saying the flag was "off to the side" except, as you can see from the video it was almost directly behind Jack Layton.


The Prime Minister says "Those images will never be forgotten by the Canadian people." What you mean the images that show you're a liar? Well, lets hope you're right about that.

Not Quite the Overwhelming Support He Was Looking For

If the Prime Minister is counting on overwhelming public support to save his sorry excuse for a government from the most embarrassing defeat since Joe "Govern as if you have a majority" Clark, he may be in deep trouble.

An Angus Reid poll, done for Conservative TeleVision (CTV) shows that only 35% of people, or less than amount who voted for them in October, say the Conservatives should be allowed to remain in power. While 40% say they should be replaced.

Not exactly a resounding endorsement for the Prime Minister.

On the issue of what should be done the news is also bad for the Conservatives, with 32%, which is 4 points less than they got in October, saying they want an election. Again more people (%37) say that they want the coalition.

Now of course these polls were taken before the Conservative propaganda machine got warmed up, so they may be able to make a dent in these numbers, but it's unlikely to make a difference in time for December 8th, which just increases my feeling that Chicken Steve will prorogue Parliament to escape certain defeat, even though he panned that posible move by Paul Martin in 2005. You see it's Ok as long as it's him doing it.

The thing that scares me the most about Conservatives is most of the time they actually believe the bullshit they spout.

When You Lie All The Time...

...You can sometimes have trouble remembering the truth. As evidenced by this clip from Tuesday's CBC National News.

Maybe the Prime Minister just didn't see the flag because he's been wrapping himself in it as of late, trying to pretend he's patriotic when he, much like the Sarah Palin types South of the border, doesn't love all of Canada, only the parts that support him and his perverted ideals.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

When Your Messiah is in Trouble

You give up being subtle...

Rallies for the Coalition

The far righters have their rallies set up, so why not have our own?

Though the Halifax rally is on Thursday so I can't attend. (Thursday is my brother's birthday and I already promised him the day)

If, like me, you can't attend our own rally just show up to one of the far righters' rallies and protest it. Make a nice big bristolboard sign that says DOWN WITH HARPER or something similar and stand in a prominent place where all the nutjobs can see you.

To find out where these are just go to

Monday, December 01, 2008

Quality Television

If any of you caught the Press Conference today with Jim Prentice and James Moore it was some of the best television I've ever seen. Oh of course not because of what they said, if I want to hear lies I go strait to the Prime Minister, no it was quality TV because of the look on James Moore's face. It was priceless, he looked like he he was trying really hard not to cry.

There are very few things in life that please me more than Conservatives in pain. (mental, not physical) For all the pain and anguish they bring others it's nice to see some of it land back on them.

Still if I were a betting man I'd wager a substantial sum on Chicken Steve proroguing Parliament. Can't just accept the will of the House, that'd be democratic.

Thinking Ahead

If this coalition does go forward I think the Liberal party needs to think ahead and seriously consider filling all the vacancies in the Senate while we are in power. I don't care if we fill it 75% Liberal 25% NDP or whatever, as long as we fill it with non Conservatives.

Barring that in a little over a year Harper would be able to stack the Senate with Conservatives and take a majority there which, coupled with a Majority election victory in the House, would leave him with absolute power. And I don't think there's anything that scares a sane (read: center/left leaning) Canadian more than the thought of Emperor Stephen Harper.

The Layton Conference Call

Well first of all whoever leaked the number to the Conservatives needs to be shot out of a cannon in to a lake of lava. What an idiot...

Secondly, at least we don't have the worst leader any more. Although I'm slightly less gung ho about this coalition than I was, but for the same reason. I don't trust Layton as far as I can throw him, better the Devil you know right? But even though Layton's a moron we can't back down on this or else the Conservatives will bankrupt the opposition parties.

Still I'm off the idea of Dion as leader, there's no way he can handle a shady bastard like Layton, we need someone who can. I've heard Ralph Goodale's name floated. Hmmm, Prime Minister Goodale. Man that has a nice ring to it. Sure a Hell of a lot better than Prime Minister Harper.

Also, what is it with the Conservatives and tape recordings? First Gurmant Grewal and now this? Are they all spy wannabes or something? I say let MI6 have them.

Bloody Spammers

Getting some spam messages from morons like MoneyBonanza so I'm going to set comment moderation. I'll approve any post that isn't spam.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Major, MAJOR Hat Tip

If I wore a hat that is, but I may just start just so I can give a major hat tip to Sir Robert Bond Papers for his finding a letter from (among others) then Leader of the Opposition Stephen Harper asking for power without an election as he's complaining the Liberals/NDP are doing now.

This is yet another example of Conservative Hypocrisy. Everything is OK as long as they're doing it.

Good show SRBP! Good show!

Contact the Governor General

Contact the Governor General here and request that she refuse Harper's request for an election.

If you like you can use my pre written letter, in any event you should address the GG as "Excellency"

Your Excellency,

As a citizen of Canada I would respectfully request that if the current government falls you refuse the Right Honorable Prime Minister's request for an election. As you are no doubt aware, Canada is in the worst financial crisis the country has faced in 70 years. Spending another 300 million dollars on a new election when the opposition is ready and willing to form a government would be irresponsible and dangerous for our great country.

Yours humbly,
Your name here

Also email your local MP, regardless of political stripe (mine is an NDP) and request they vote to bring down the Government. The Conservatives are going to make an all out blitz this week to try to put public pressure on the opposition. We need to counter that or else our country is going down the tubes.

You can search for your MP using your postal code here.

Same old, Same old at Conservative TeleVision

Nice to see CTV is starting to mask their bias a little less these days. I happened to be channel surfing a little while ago and despite my better judgement I stopped on the CTV national news for a moment because they had a story about the current Parliamentary crisis.

What was I rewarded with? Robert Fife describing Stephane Dion as "The Accidental Leader who wants to become the Accidental Prime Minister."

He also took another shot at the Liberals by telling viewers the Liberals had caved in to a demand by the NDP to cancel billions in corporate tax cuts which Fife said "sounds good, until you realize that would create massive unemployment."

He also tried to sew dissent in the Liberal party ranks by saying Dion wants to be Prime Minister but people inside the Liberal party say that will never happen.

And he was only on for about a minute! That's 1 slimy slam every 20 seconds!

Update: Here's the vid

Friday, November 28, 2008

Who Are You People and What Have You Done With the Liberals?

Spine, something that the Liberal party hasn't had in a long time, is now back in Ottawa and it's threatening to finally end this sad chapter of Canadian history.

When I heard after the election that the Liberals were going to actually be an opposition instead of a rubber stamp (and I understand their reasoning for being so) I thought "Yeah, and if someone believes that I've got this bridge in Alaska to sell them." But it turns out to be true.

Perhaps we will see a Prime Minister Dion after all, which would be great news for the vast majority of the country that didn't vote for the Conservatives. And I think this can only be a good thing for the Left. It's time for us and the NDP to stop fighting each other and start working together. It'll be hard, there's a lot of animosity on both sides, and I'm not a fan of Jack Layton, but I do think the NDP have the best interests of Canada at heart, and if we can keep them on a tight fiscal leash we both can do a lot of good for Canada.

However, there are two dangers to this plan. #1 it risks elevating the NDP to a prominent player in the country, which if we can't merge with them would spell permanent Conservative majorities. And number 2: The Bloc. It's dangerous to give a separatist party so much power.

I think the best plan would be to take control, start working to fix the economic mess, come at it intelligently like only we Liberals can, and then subtly engineer our own defeat and hopefully win a majority mandate.

But regardless, I think Emperor Harper is starting to realize he can't govern as if he has a majority a la Joe Clark. I expect him to do anything to keep his hands on the reigns of power, you think the David Emerson thing was seemly, you ain't seen nothin yet. And remember, he wasn't even desperate then.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Righties Want Milliken out

Well, at least Rob Anders won't be our Speaker. *shudder*

But doing a search for "Speaker" at Google Canada's news site I found three of the top links were from Conservative rags (The Edmonton Journal, The Globe and Mail, and the National Pest) saying that the current speaker needs to go because of the tone in the House.

Translation: They want a Conservative patsy there.

Gone are the days when they at least pretended they weren't above shilling for the Conservatives.

National Pest: Lately, though, he has been criticized for not being tough enough on MPs and has taken some blame for the decline in civilized behaviour in the Commons.

Civilized in this text is taken to mean "Not spouting Conservative talking points."

The Globe and Mail: But the pressure for change has increased to the point where more and more members want an authoritative voice in the chair. Their reputation and the reputation of Parliament have been hurt by the tumult that has been allowed under Mr. Milliken. It's time the pandemonium ended. It's time someone else was given a chance.

Yeah, it's the Speakers' fault Conservative MPs act like children.

Edmonton Journal: It's become positively commonplace for Ottawa observers to relate daily stories of shocked constituents and visiting school tours appalled by the infantile, embarrassing dog-and-pony show that often passes for question period these days.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

One Word: WHEW!

Still hung over from Tuesday's victory for progressive thought? (Well except in Alaska, Minnesota's 6th district, possibly Minnesota senate, California's Prop 8, etc.)

Say hello to President Obama... Fuck that's got a nice ring to it doesn't it?

I'm not going to be calling him President-Elect Obama either, #1 it's too much of a mouthful, and #2 I want to turn the page on Dubya as soon as possible.

Some random thoughts from Election night.

#1 it was kind of surreal pretty much knowing for like an hour that Obama was going to be the winner but still not being %100 sure just because I was so paranoid from stolen elections in 2000/04.

#2 I knew John McCain had no chance in PA, I called PA months ago and I stuck to it. I just wish I had done it publically...

#3 When Ohio went that was the ballgame, it was all over except waiting for the West to close.

#4 I watched the election on MSNBC for the first time ever, I've always watched elections on CNN, and honestly I regretted my decision. I like MSNBC but CNN is still the best in terms of being on the cutting edge, like the freakin holograms!

#5 CNN seemed to take a lot longer to call races than other news outlets, except for declaring Obama elected. For a lot of major states CNN called way after MSNBC and Fox, but I like it this way. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

#6 When the call was made I can't really describe the emotion. It was sort of a mix of joy and elation and relief that our 8 year long nightmare would soon be over. Also it was a sense of pride that the most powerful nation in the world moved past their racist ties.

#7 After Obama had been declared the winner I was happy to see John McCain win Arizona. No need to embarrass a man who served his country honorably in uniform.

#8 I thought McCain's concession speech, though marred by idiots in his crowd, was very good.

#9 I liked Obama's speech, but he's done better. His Yes we Can speech the night of the New Hampshire primary and his Convention speech were better, but still this was a good one. A bad Obama speech is still tons better than a good Dubya one. He really got me with the talking about the 106 year old woman though, made me wonder what I'd see if I were to live that long (Which I know for a fact ain't happening)

#10 THANK GOD Sarah Palin won't be Vice President.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008

5 Minutes to Maher!

Woo hoo! Finally I get to see Real Time with Bill Maher live! For all you fellow Lefty Canucks that have never seen it tune in to the new HBO Caanda channel (would be one of the TMN channels) and watch!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Enjoy the Canadian Environment While You Can

The Prime Minister announced his cabinet today...

You might want to print out these pictures for posterity.

I'm going to miss wildlife.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barack Obama: Cool In a Crisis

Just a little while ago a person fainted at an Obama rally. Barack cares about people, and he made sure the EMTs knew there was someone who needed help.

Apparently according to his statement this isn't the first time this has happened.

Our guy is cool under pressure, he showed it during the financial crisis and he showed it again in the video above.

6 days left to make him Commander in Chief.

Music to My Ears

Because I like to see how the other side is faring I sometimes check out which is sort of like a Conservative version of the far superior

Today I read something that was music to my ears. When speaking of the anticipated ass kicking Barack Obama and friends are about to give Conservatism in the states The Blogging Caesar (That's really what he calls himself) has this to say:

Note to my fellow conservatives out there: I know, I know - I hate reporting all this bad news as much as you hate reading it!

Hopefully he'll be borderline manic depressive on November 5th!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hat Tip to Red Tory

Just wanted to give a hat tip to Red Tory for saying something about Liberal 4 Ever.

I think this guy is a troll, but he's an embarrassment to all of us (i.e. me) that have "Liberal 4/For" in their blog name.

He mentions in his rebuttal that English is not his first language, I think he needs to learn what the word "Liberal" means.

Personally I think he's just a troll/shit disturber.

If Obama Really Were a Terrorist, the U.S. Would Already be Screwed.

Of course the notion that Barack Obama is a terrorist is absurd, but even if it were true it would already be too late to stop him from doing irreparable damage to the U.S.

You see, he knows everything they know, he has since September.

Obama gets first intelligence briefing.

Barack Obama and John McCain get the same intelligence briefings the President of the United States gets. It starts when they become officially nominated. So if Obama really were a terrorist he would know everything the U.S. knows, including undercover agents, what they do and don't know about their enemies, etc. He'd no doubt be passing this info on to his terrorist handlers.

Barack Obama is not a terrorist. And even if he were he still couldn't do any worse than Bush.

On Joe The Plumber...

Murray the Stock Seller (Me) Wishes they'd shut the Hell up about Joe the Plumber and Sally the Banker and all this the

Anyone else?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Very Good News out of Alaska

Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) has been found guilty on all 7 counts he was facing. Basically what this means is his Senate seat which up until now has been a nailbiter might finally start heading in the direction of the Democrats. Really his biggest hope, that of being acquitted before the election has now gone crashing down in flames.

This means that the Democrats have a better chance of getting to the magical 60 (I'd actually like to see them get to 61 so they can give Joe Lieberman the boot) seats they'd need in the Senate to keep the Republicans from filibustering every single piece of progressive legislation they try to put forward.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

We're ALREADY gaining on the Conservatives!

Ok, so it's only because of a Judicial recount in our favor, but still we now have 77 seats, gaining one at the expense of the BQ in Brossard-La Prairie.

Wooo Hooo! Too bad we couldn't have gotten back Egmont too and kept PEI all red, still we'll get it back next time around, along with a lot more.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Liberal 308

I kinda don't like the name just because it'll probably have to change the next time we do a redistribution (remember there used to be only 301 seats in the house?) but for now it sounds good.

Basically the Liberal 308 strategy is akin to Howard Dean's 50 state strategy in the states that has Barack Obama and a lot of his down ticket Democrats on the cusp of a historic victory. (Please God, let the polls hold for another 12 days!!!)

The whole point of the strategy is to build up each and every one of our 308 riding associations so that we can try to compete everywhere in the country and not just in places we think we'll win. Who knows, maybe we don't win in some places because we don't ever speak to the people in these ridings? At the very least having a good ground game and a good base of financial support is key to rebuilding our party. Also as we've seen South of the border this strategy can take time and money away from our opponents as it sometimes means they have to defend areas they're used to relying on.

If we're truly going to put our party back in to power we must adopt this strategy.

Click the pic and Join the Facebook group today.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Real Time with Bill Maher comes to CANADA!!!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO No more downloading episodes hours after they air from bittorrent! Um, not that I ever did that cuz I kow it's illegal and all. *nervous laughter* but a guy I know did, you know, um his name? Oh, it's um, Joey JoJo Shabbadoo Jr. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Anyway, the Movie Network is switching their MMore Channel to HBO Canada starting October 31 (Sounds Spooky! -Ed) and for me that's fantabulous news because it means I'll be able to watch Real Time with Bill Maher. For those of you who haven't seen it it's hilarious, as evidenced by this clip here (well until HBO has it taken down anyway)

I'm a huge fan of Bill Maher, and it's about damn time we have HBO up here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Someone's Lying at CTV

Not that that's all that surprising considering CTV now stands for Conservative TeleVision as seen here by their new logo.

Please feel free to spread this article around as much as you can, this needs to get out.

But now instead of just suspecting that they're being less than honest I have proof. Exhibit A is the video of ATV's Steve Murphy explaining their thought process before airing the Dion smear.

At 47 Seconds in Murphy says
"And the Liberal campaign was anxious that this exchange not be broadcast, and initially we indicated that it would not be."
P.S. to CTV, don't worry I've downloaded that video so if you get it removed from YouTube I'll just put it up somewhere else.

Now Exhibit B, an article in Yesterday's (Monday, October 20) Halifax version of the Metro (Page 8) by Vice President and General Manager of CTV Atlantic Michael Elgie which I scanned so you can all see. First, here's the whole article for context.

And now the pertinent part zoomed in.

And finally the highlighted text for those of you who may be image challenged due to being at work or something.

"Contrary to widely circulated reports, Steve Murphy did not make a promise to M. Dion to not broadcast the false starts, nor was there a commitment to M. Dion or representatives of the Liberal Party that what happened before or after the interview was "off the record."
So here we have Steve Murphy saying "initially we indicated that it (the interview's false starts) would not be. (broadcast)" and then we have Michael Elgie of CTV saying "nor was there a commitment to M. Dion or representatives of the Liberal Party that what happened before or after the interview was "off the record."


The biggest problem with lying is keeping track of the lies and truths you've told so that you don't end up contradicting yourself.

Which one of them is lying? Does it really matter? If I had to guess I would say it's Elgie, but either way CTV is trying to cover their ass. It's too bad we don't have a Canadian version of Keith Olbermann to bring this to the light of day, hopefully enough Liberal bloggers will care about this story to get the attention of someone in the media. Also I think I'll email it to the Toronto Star since they're on the good side.

Monday, October 20, 2008

We Need to Learn How to Fundraise

I seriously think the Liberal Party should take a look at Barack Obama's playbook when it comes to fundraising and copy it as much as possible. Of course there are differences between our campaign finance laws but not so much that it would be impossible.

Over the next little while I'm going to delve in to the fundraising laws to see what I can do to help the party, and I suggest all of you out there who get sick every time you heard the words "Prime Minister Harper" do the same.

L4L on the Leadership

Last time there was a Liberal leadership race which was what, 4 minutes ago? I jumped first on Frank McKenna, and then when he didn't want to run I settled on Scott Brison.

This time I'm going to sit back and wait and see who offers and then read up on each contestant, what they stand for, what their policy positions are, whether they're fluent in both English and French, and then make a decision.

Of course with my massive appeal of like 4 readers (Hey Goldie!) once I make my decision the race will be all over, as for Brison, well the reason he didn't win after I endorsed him was obviously a clerical error. :)

There was a Liberal Blogger, I can't remember who it was, CalgaryGrit? Bowie? I'm not sure, but whoever it was they suggested instead of having one big convention that we have a bunch of smaller conventions networked together, and then have the one main convention in Vancouver where all the candidates are. I'd love that idea, it'd never happen but it would be a great idea because #1 then I could attend, and #2 it would spread the Liberal message out across the country. You know how in the states the parties pick a state where they need help to hold their convention (or in the Republican's case they hold it in New York so they can milk 9/11 for all it's worth) Well we should do that here, only on a larger scale. Hold a bunch of different mini conventions in places where we're weak like the Western Provinces, Quebec City, etc.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dion Attacks CTV (W/ Video)

How long it stays up until the scumbags at Conservative TeleVision file a copyright request is anyone's guess. But here it is for now.

I'm glad he did it. I hate networks who are biased purport to be unbiased, at least Fox news makes it so blindingly obvious that everyone knows they're a puppet. The CTV and Global hide it which is garbage.

I See the Electoral Reform Nuts Are Out in Full Force

Everywhere you go today the small but vocal cadre of Electoral Reform nuts are out there trying to drum up support for their flawed system to replace the flawed system we have now.

I wish someone would come up with a system that allocates power (read: not seats, power) according to how many votes they got nationally. I've tried to figure one out but my brother got all the math in the family and he couldn't care less about politics, I have to remind him to vote.

Basically my biggest worry when it comes to an electoral reform is, and always has been, the nightmare scenario of a small party like the NDP or a fringe party like the Greens holding the balance of power in Parliament.

While it is fun to try to see the supporters of reform, who by and large are usually supporters of these parties (gee, I wonder why) try to twist themselves in to knots trying to explain how it's unfair that a party that gets %40 of the vote getting absolute power is unfair but a party getting %2.5 getting essentially the same thing is a-ok. It's not so fun that I actually want to do it.

Really the problem that we have isn't electoral reform, it's Parliamentary reform. Giving seats based on percentage is fine, but in our current system seats can either be completely meaningless or one seat can change the course of Canadian history. (See Chuck Cadman)

So electoral reformers, put up a system that allocates power and not seats in proportion to the vote and I'll be on board, until then whether you want to admit it to yourselves or not, you're advocating replacing one unfair system with another. It's just unfair to different people.

Wow, Go Dion

I want him out as leader, but I was happy to hear him tell CTV to basically eff off.

I was just watching CTV because CBC had a Conservative on, and the reporter for CTV was being an idiot, trying to get in his face so he says something like "The last place I want to talk to is CTV."

The Scoreboard

Here are the results of my wish list and my reaction.

- I hope we hold the Conservatives to at least a Minority.

Check. Although I must admit I was scared there for a moment. I'll be talking more about this later, but I hope all of the people who vote split realize just how close we came to a disaster tonight. Right now the Conservatives are at 143, that's 12 seats away from destroying Canada. As much as I hate the NDP and the Greens we need to do something, we need to work this out somehow some way, because if we don't we're going to have a permanent Conservative government. And that's not just on the other side, people like me need to make sacrifices too, and I admit that.

- I hope Mike Savage wins my home riding (I live in Halifax now, but Dartmouth will always be my home)

Check, once again this one was close for a while but in the end he pulled away nicely. Thank God my home didn't go to the Orange Menace, although the riding I currently live in did. But Dartmouth will always be my home.

- I hope Siobhan Coady wins St. John's South-Mount Pearl.

Check, and I'm VERY happy to see her in, I first heard about her last election when CPAC did a profile of her riding and I was very impressed. I'm glad to see we'll have another strong Liberal voice in Parliament.

- I hope the Conservatives get shut out in Newfoundland.

Check, I never thought I'd be happy about anything Danny Williams did, but I am happy tonight, especially since those 3 seats coupled with a few shifts here and there could have meant disaster.

- I hope the Conservatives lose seats in Quebec.

Right now it's not clear whether they will or not, it's looking like I hold, but at least they didn't make huge inroads. The Bloc saved Canada tonight.

- I hope the Greens don't win a seat.

Check, This one was never really in doubt, but the scary thing is if their leader wasn't such an airhead and ran in a good Green seat she may well have won and that would have spelled disaster for the left vote in Canada. Unless we can come to some sort of agreement we're going to fall in to the same trap the Right was in for a long time.

- I hope that like the last election we do better in Ontario than expected.

Epic Fail, not only did we not do better we got blown away in Ontario. I guess a new cloak and forcing his MPs to keep quiet foold Ontarians.

- I hope we see some Conservative cabinet ministers go down in flames tonight.

Can I count Michael Fortier? :D

- I hope the Greens don't finish any better than 2nd anywhere.

I meant to say I hope they don't finish at 2nd, but I forgot about Elizabeth May, so I'm happy that they didn't finish 2nd anywhere else, or so it seems at the moment.

Long Shot
- I hope we win Government.

As Maxwell Smart would say: Missed it by that much.

- I hope the Liberals can somehow overcome the Orange wave of ignorance in Halifax and elect Catherine Meade. It sucks living in a freakin Orange cesspool. (P.S. just so you're clear dippers, a vote for the NDP is a vote for a 2nd Stephen Harper term, don't delude yourself in to thinking otherwise.)

Not even Close. Sigh, maybe one day...

- I hope the Greens don't win enough votes to get federal funding. (I'm not normally Conservative on taxes, but why the Hell should my tax dollars go to support ANY political party? Particularly ones I wouldn't support if my life depended on it.)

They blew that out of the water, they're still a fringe party. They got their precious leader in the debate and didn't even win a single seat. That's the definition of Fringe Party.

- I hope the number of NDP MPs goes down.

Egh.... I hate the NDP, almost as much as I hate Conservatives.

- I hope Olivia Chow loses.


- I Hope Gerard Kennedy wins, we're going to need someone as a viable alternative to Iggy and Rae.

Check, and this right here might have saved the Liberal party. Now I'll have someone to support who I won't be forced to hold my nose for. I hope we get some old Chretien people to run too, I'd have a hard time deciding between Brian Tobin and Gerard Kennedy.

So, all in all, a bad night for Canada, a bad night for progress, but not as bad as it could have been. We've got a lot of rebuilding to do.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Wishes For the Election

I did this last election and although it wasn't particularly successful I figured I'd do it again. This time I'm going to break my wishes down in to three categories: Expected, Toss-Up, and Long Shot. All three are pretty much self explanatory.

- I hope we hold the Conservatives to at least a Minority.

- I hope Mike Savage wins my home riding (I live in Halifax now, but Dartmouth will always be my home)

- I hope Siobhan Coady wins St. John's South-Mount Pearl.

- I hope the Conservatives get shut out in Newfoundland.

- I hope the Conservatives lose seats in Quebec.

- I hope the Greens don't win a seat.

- I hope that like the last election we do better in Ontario than expected.

- I hope we see some Conservative cabinet ministers go down in flames tonight.

- I hope the Greens don't finish any better than 2nd anywhere.

Long Shot
- I hope we win Government.

- I hope the Liberals can somehow overcome the Orange wave of ignorance in Halifax and elect Catherine Meade. It sucks living in a freakin Orange cesspool. (P.S. just so you're clear dippers, a vote for the NDP is a vote for a 2nd Stephen Harper term, don't delude yourself in to thinking otherwise.)

- I hope the Greens don't win enough votes to get federal funding. (I'm not normally Conservative on taxes, but why the Hell should my tax dollars go to support ANY political party? Particularly ones I wouldn't support if my life depended on it.)

- I hope the number of NDP MPs goes down.

- I hope Olivia Chow loses.

- I Hope Gerard Kennedy wins, we're going to need someone as a viable alternative to Iggy and Rae.

So, there we have it. I hope most of all that we can at least keep Harper to a minority again, it looks good but the latest Nanos poll showed a 3% rise in people making a terrible choice (a.k.a. Voting Conservative) over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Please Vote

No matter who you vote for, please vote. People fought and died so that we could live in a country where we are free to determine our own destiny, please honor their sacrifice.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I Just Gained Some Respect for Elizabeth May

Which isn't really that notable considering the very low level I had for her before.

But I must say she did speak the truth yesterday when it comes to The Mustache (a.k.a. Jack Layton)
"I think she’s muddying the waters," Valerie Powell said. "I think she’s the best prime minister, and we have to keep working hard as Greens to make sure we have as many MPs as possible." Asked if she is muddying the waters, May responded, "It’s true I am." "I love Valerie and I read her full quotes and they weren’t harsh or unfair. She’s right, life would be simpler if I acted like (NDP Leader) Jack Layton and didn’t care if Stephen Harper formed government again. "Life would be simpler if I were a complete hypocrite like Jack Layton and pretended I cared about the climate when all of his strategy makes his own personal success more important than survival of the climate and decent climate policy. "I’m just not that person."
This is exactly how I feel about Jack Layton, especially after the whole Afghanistan war fiasco, I don't agree with the Conservatives on this one but he was all "we need to get out now, blah blah blah." And he didn't give a shit about the troops, anyone with half a brain could see that, all he cared about was getting more votes. His unfitness to be in any position of leadership was made blindingly clear when he and Harper caved in on allowing the Greens in to the debate in the first place.

As for May, one of the advantages of knowing there's no chance in Hell you'll ever win a seat in Parliament, EVER is that you can say whatever you want and not have to worry about electoral consequences. I'm happy that she's advocating strategic voting. Of course if all the center/left people in the country voted Liberal we'd never have to worry about a Conservative government again. I wish someone would start a viable right wing party to split the Conservative votes some. If the thought of Conservatism didn't make me want to puke I'd do it myself.

Elizabeth May should join the Liberal party and put her talents to good use and stop wasting them with this fringe party. But hey, Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven I guess.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Liberal Forum

For any of the people who used to post on the forum I had, I opened it back up again at the request of Goldenhawk.


If you want back in and have forgotten your password or something or just have a problem post in the comments here and I'll look at it. Any liberal out there who'd like to join in the conversation away from Conservative trolls feel free to post in the comments as well and we'll give ya a tryout.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well, Let's Let Everyone In!

What a sad day for Canada, when we allow a fringe party, which has never elected an MP, in to the leaders debates. So, I say if we're going to let waccos in I say why not let everyone in? Hell maybe I should start my own party (it's not really that hard) and find 308 people willing to share the profits with me. What profits you ask? Why I'm going to contact and ask them how much they'd like to pay me to wear a t-shirt during the debates to determine the next government in the second largest country on the planet. I'm sure I can earn a pretty penny.

That's about as stupid an idea as allowing the Green Party in to the leadership debates. For the love of God this party has never elected an MP. DO YOU HEAR ME!?!? THEY'VE NEVER ELECTED AN MP!!! And now their wacco leader gets to stand on a stage in front of the entire country.

That's a lesson for you kids out there, if you just screech and complain as loud as you can like a little kid in a department store over and over and over again eventually you can get anything you want in this world.

So I say let them all in, let Ron Gray of the Canadian Heritage party up there, I mean Hell they qualify, they've never elected an MP either! lets get Sinclair Stevens from the Progressive Canadian party and see what he has to say, and while we're at it lets bring up Blair Longley from the Marijuana party, and Sandra Smith from the Marxist-Leninist party!

And while we're at it, lets bring in Proportional Representation so we can have a situation where a small fringe party the vast vast vast majority of the country voted against can hold the balance of power in the House of Commons. What could possibly go wrong with a plan that would allow 5% of the vote to control %100 of the country?

Things like this make we wonder why I even give a shit. The Conservative party getting a majority doesn't hurt me personally, I'm not gay or a woman wanting an abortion. I'm jsut sick of fighting the idiocy that is prevalent in our country and the U.S. as well. I guess Bill Maher is right when he says we're too dumb to be governed.

Enjoy the Canada we're creating here folks, meanwhile I'll be at the Passport office and online looking for a good house in downtown Baghdad.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Harper Conservatives: Tough on Crime

I think all of us can agree that Stephen Harper and his Conservative party are tough on criminals. Why just the other day I got a pamphlet in my mailbox telling me so. It showed a picture of a gentleman sitting on his couch with open liquor in proximity pointing the channel changer at us. The pamphlet had the word "Jail?" written in the middle of the image.

On the reverse side it went in to some detail telling me how the Conservative party was tough on criminals and how they were going to eliminate house arrest for certain offenders, which of course wouldn't bother me considering they're also planning on cutting taxes to the bone so hey we'll be able to pay for all those extra jail cells without going in to deficit right?

So there I was, walking down my hallway on my way out the door for work when what do I see on one of my neighbor's newspapers? "Tories ditch Halifax candidate."

Why would they ditch the Halifax candidate you ask? Well it turns out she has a criminal record of course!

Now, I don't personally care whether this person has a criminal record or not. If she's paid her debt and she's not a threat to re-offend then I say who cares? But it just goes to what I call the Culture of Hypocrisy in the modern Conservative movement where they preach one thing and practice another. Now in the end they did end her candidacy after two days, but the party who likes to profess itself as the most competent to lead the country has now made two big mistakes in succesive days in the campaign (this and poopgate) one would think they're the most prepared for having known for sure when they would call it before everyone else.

Now it's time for everyone's favorite game

Can YOU Spot the Outlier?

If you guessed Segma Unimarketing you're correct! You've won a BRAND NEW CAR!!!!*

*New car offer valid only to non Earth residents.

Everyone knows the only polling firm worth a pinch of shit in Canada is Nanos Research. (Formerly SES) They start coming out with nightly numbers on Thursday, you can either see them on CPAC's Primetime Politics or on their website @

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm Very Happy

I haven't said much for a while, I'm sure some of you thought I died or got thrown in Jail by Harper or something but I'm still here.

I just wanted to say I'm very happy the Greens have been excluded from the debates once again. I'm happy their sleazy little trick of taking a tainted MP who the Liberals booted out of their caucus and turning him Green didn't succeed. I've mentioned this issue before.

But I do think that we need to set clear rules for the inclusion of the leadership debates so that fringe parties like the Greens know exactly what they have to do to get in. I think that it should have something to do with being elected to official party status in the house but then you get in to the problem of what happened to the PC's in 1993. (hehehe) So maybe if a party has been elected to official party status in any of the last 3 elections? Something along those lines. But having a single elected MP shouldn't be threshold.