Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Althia Raj and Huffington post, do they work directly for the NDP or is it like an arm's length thing?

So last week I watched this video from the Huffington Post, in which the interviewer who is not seen (but now I'm guessing is Althia Raj) asks straw man argument type questions to then Liberal candidate for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
"Interviewer: One of your recommendations in your platform is with regards to question period, you want to have a PM question time like they do in Britain. I think a lot of people would be surprised to find out that Justin Trudeau only wants to be in the House of Commons one day a week to answer questions.
Justin Trudeau: Actually, that's not what it means."
Nah, that's not a question that injects the answer the interviewer wants right into it or anything... She then goes on for the rest of the interview to try to inject her narrative into Trudeau's mouth with no success.

So I posted it on my Facebook and forgot about it. Until I watched this video today.
"Althia Raj: In fact we know question period is going to change, in the Liberal party's platform Justin Trudeau wants to answer questions once a week we're not sure if that means more than once a week so we'll only have him once a week in the Commons...He says that doesn't mean that if he's in the house he won't answer certain questions but you can rest assured that perhaps he will be more open and communicative outside of the Commons but not necessarily inside of the Commons."
Since Althia Raj was the Huffington Post's reporter following the Liberal campaign it stands to reason she was probably the one who asked that question. So I think that all of us should be concerned for her since she seems to be suffering from amnesia. (More like selective amnesia)

Dear Dippers: It wasn't strategic voting, you lost because we ran a better campaign

So I was reading this article on the Metro website about how the Conservatives appearing with the Fords was the worst thing they did in their campaign according to swing voters, when I see this part at the bottom.
The Liberal Party, meanwhile, had only positives scores.
The promised “tax cuts for middle class/increase for high earners” earned a 56 per cent, followed closely by “Trudeau’s campaign” (55 per cent) and “Trudeau’s debate performance” (51 per cent).
As for the NDP, its plan to raise corporate taxes was the most positive factor among its swing voters (47 per cent), while the only negative was the party’s place in the polls (-8% per cent).
8% underwater on place in the polls is not a massive factor. Sorry Dippers, you can try to explain away the electoral ass kicking we gave you last Monday all you want by insulting voters intelligence, saying they were too dumb to know they already had an NDP MP and so on; but in the end we ran a better campaign than you.

Of course I personally hope they keep blaming everyone but themselves, makes it easier for us to crush them again in 2019.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Today's NDP

The Dipper and Green blame train stops at Voter station

I am absolutely loving watching the NDP meltdown, it's a show that is only on once in a while but I'd watch it every day if I could. The latest narrative from the NDP is to basically claim voters are idiots because they didn't vote for them. And Elizabeth May pretty much said the same thing.

No, really.

Now of course they didn't come right out and say it like that. They just blame "strategic voting" and basically insinuate that the average voter in this country is too stupid to know what party their MP is so they all just voted for the Liberals.

It reminds me of Bill Maher talking about the Republican post mortem on the 2012 election. "Maybe our policies suck... nah, no it can't be that our policies are awesome!"

Please, PLEASE keep thinking that NDP, please keep thinking that you guys are all that Canadians want and it was just because of Harper you lost. Also please PLEASE keep Tom Mulcair as your leader! He serves a dual purpose, #1 he's the greatest leader the Liberals could hope for and #2 when I'm suffering from insomnia I can just pop on a Mulcair speech and I'm out like a light in minutes. This guy puts ambien to sleep.

Face it Dippers, Canadians soundly rejected you as they pretty much always have, despite Quebecker's brief fling with Jack Layton (God rest his soul) in 2011. But keep believing you're awesome, it'll make 2019 much easier.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Opposition already whining, lying

Oh my friends, to spend the night on Rabble after the NDP got a one way ticket to brown town Monday night. It's like porn for political nerds. I'm going to enjoy it thoroughly because they enjoyed the Hell out of it in 2011.

The morning after the election the whiney opposition got #proportionalrepresentation trending on Twitter, and an NDP hack even posted this article on the Globe and Mail website, in which he said
They promised unequivocally to introduce proportional representation before the next election can be held. Now that they have directly benefited from the first-past-the-post system, however, can they be trusted to keep their word? After all, they themselves got 54 per cent of the seats on Monday night but only 39 per cent of the vote. The NDP would have had considerably more seats in a proportional representation system. 
Which of course is a bald-face lie. The Liberals never "unequivocally" promised to introduce PR. From the Liberal platform.
We will convene an all-party Parliamentary committee to review a wide variety of reforms, such as ranked ballots, proportional representation, mandatory voting, and online voting.
For a guy writing in the newspaper he sure doesn't understand the English language very well. Also I find it hilarious the Dippers are clamoring for PR when there was such a huge outrage from them in 2011 when they won more seats than the % of their popular vote and the Liberals won way less... except, yeah their wasn't. Hypocrisy, thy name is Dipper.

The Conservatives have also got in on the post election whine fest, with this gem from The National Pest.
One of my early tweets was “Kiss goodbye to the annual $10,000 TFSA contribution.” It will certainly be disappointing if the Liberals follow through with their promise to cut the tax-free savings account annual contribution limit back to the $5,500 it was until the Conservatives hiked it earlier this year.
While Prime Minister elect Justin Trudeau said repeatedly during the campaign that hardly anyone had “$10,000 lying around” I argued, apparently in vain, that there are hundreds of thousands of baby boomers on the cusp of retirement, not to mention many more already retired seniors, who have well over $100,000 in taxable accounts, all nest eggs on which income tax was initially paid, and yet are subject to annual rounds of tax on interest, dividend and in some cases capital gains.
Yes, because Conservatives are deeply concerned about the plight of such people. You're not getting your panties in a bunch because you and your rich friends won't be able to avoid paying more taxes or anything... Sorry dude, you lost and that means we get to revoke all your regressive policies. I'm really shocked they didn't try to put a flat tax in while they were in power. Shhh, I shouldn't give them any ideas.

We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Wow, what a night. After over 9 long, agonizing years for Canada we've finally returned to where we should be, a strong Liberal majority government.

I have to admit, while I thought we would win last night I never thought we would have the kind of electoral romp we did. When Atlantic Canada first went all red leading and elected I took a screenshot of it and posted on my facebook...

Of course happily I WAS wrong and Liberals swept Atlantic Canada, my homeland. I told my brother we needed 25 seats in Atlantic Canada to start a good night, we got 32. And far sweeter we got rid of some of the NDP's "talent." People like all style and no substance Megan Leslie and the amazingly full of himself Robert Chisholm were super sweet because those are my home ridings. (I grew up in one and live in the other now) Megan Leslie was the sweetest though, I'd seen her crush our hopes so many times, never thought we'd ever get rid of her useless "representation" and now, today we have not only done that we have an MP in a majority Liberal government. Given 308's projections I thought we had a shot to rid ourselves of her, but Peter Stoffer was a complete shock, I never expected to get his riding, or Jack Harris or Fundy Royal, or Tobique-Mactaquac... YEAH!

I mean we just completely decimated the NDP, I couldn't have dreamed for a better result. And if we go forward with Instant Runoff Voting for 2019 think of it, the Conservatives aren't going to put the NDP as their second choice and the NDP aren't going to put the Conservatives as their second choice... We could rid ourselves of the orange menace once and for all! Send them the way of the So-Creds.

But, in 2011 we were the ones in this position. So we need to be vigilant my Liberal friends, we need to make sure the NDP never recover from this ass kicking, and a great start is seeing Tom Mulcair is supposedly staying on as leader. If it were up to me he'd be their leader for life, he's the greatest Liberal leader of all time, and he's not even a Liberal!

If you want to relive the magic that was October 19th, 2015 CBC has posted the full election coverage on Youtube. Enjoy!