Thursday, October 12, 2006

I need a little tech help

This is a long shot I know, but I'm asking everyone I can think of.

I'm trying to get the actual link to a zip file I'm trying to download from a php redirect. The redirect is in the format of

I'd appreciate anyone who could point me in the direction of a firefox extension, or perhaps a greasemonkey script, or a seperate program that can get this direct link for me. Instead of having to go through and click each link I'd like to be able to just add them all to a download manager to save myself a lot of time. If you can help drop me a line @ robertcode at gmail dot com


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Plane Crashes in to Building in New York

This is no joke, today, October 11th, 2006 a plane crashed in to a building in New York City.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bloggers on the Leadership

I got caught up with some personal things and wasn't able to post this when I wanted to. Here are the final 2 installments of Bloggers on the Leadership We have nottawa for Ken Dryden and Yappa Ding Ding for Bob Rae.


> 1. Why did you choose to endorse Ken Dryden?

My first inclination would be to say out of personal loyalty to a guy I
had the honor of working with and a person I idolized as a child. That's an
easy answer. Really, it's because as our party (and every party) has to
learn how to relate better to Canadians, and we need someone at the helm who can
win now. Not in a year or three years or eight years, but now. I also
appreciate what Ken brings to the party. When asked to run as a candidate, he
didn't shy
away or find a reason not to. For someone who is often seen as a
"non-politician", his "political" contribution to our party - as a Minister, as
candidate, even as a fundraiser, and as a person who could have given every
excuse not to run in 2004, or gone on to do other interesting things - his
contribution in three short years is arguably greater than anyone's. If an
election is called next week, next month, whenever, ask ANY liberal candidate
who they want in their riding after the writ is dropped.
> 2. In your view, what are the top three issues that face our country and
> do you see Ken Dryden handling them?

(1) Winning now - Beating Harper now. (2) Restoring the big things we did or
were on the verge of doing in the last government, i.e. Child Care, Kelowna,
Kyoto (3) Giving Canadians a reason to trust us in the wake of three years
fallout from the sponsorship mess.

> 3. What do you think Ken Dryden greatest strength
> would be in an election matchup against Stephen Harper?

Trust. Respect. Credibility. Imagine a politician that people like and wish
the best for.
> 4. What do you think Ken Dryden greatest weakness
> would be in an election matchup against Stephen Harper?

People say Ken's speaking style is too slow and that his French is not
where it should be. Both have improved dramatically, and will continue to
improve. They will continue get better with time. But trust respect and
credibility can't be coached or created.
> 5. If Ken Dryden couldn't win, who would you prefer
> he/she throw their support behind and why?

Behind whichever candidate shares the same desire to fight for all that we
did as a government in the last two years and build on it. I don't think that
candidate is clear as yet.
> 6. If Ken Dryden couldn't win, who would you prefer
> he/she not throw their support behind and why?

Stephen Harper.

> 7. If you were Ken Dryden's campaign manager, how
> would you run their campaign?

I really can't answer this question for obvious reasons.

> 8. Tell us something about Ken Dryden you think most
> people don't know.

That he's the most popular candidate of the bunch and has been in every poll
that bothered to ask that question since February. Believe it or not, this
is actually relevant. Or it should be. Shouldn't it?

> 9. Next to Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister, which cabinet position
> do you feel Ken Dryden would excel at?

I can't think of many that he wouldn't. He's a very well-rounded
thoughtful kind of guy.
> 10. If Ken Dryden were pitted in a three way 57
round battle royale against Paul Martin and Jean Chr├ętien who would win?

If you are talking about a real wrestling match I don't think it would even
be close.


>1. Why did you choose to endorse Bob Rae?
I think a leader needs to be able to do three things: lead the party; beat
Harper in the next election; and be an excellent prime minister to lead all
of Canada. After a lot of thought I decided that Bob Rae was the best person
to do those three things.

>2. In your view, what are the top three issues that face our country and

>how do you see Rae handling them?
- Maintaining a strong economy
- Growing the social safety net
- Managing interprovincial affairs
(That doesn't mean I don't think there are lots of other important issues.)

"How he'd handle them" is a difficult one for those issues (they're too
big). I think he would see them as priorities and he'd handle them
innovatively and well. He doesn't just lead in a theoretical sense. For
example, one of his great achievements as Ontario premier during the
recession was finding ways to save large companies that were going bankrupt.
>3. What do you think Rae's greatest strength would be in an election
>matchup against Stephen Harper?

Bob Rae is a brilliant and crafty political operative. A big part of his
political effectiveness is his integrity. He is a straight arrow and he's
smart as a whip, and he's able to inspire people. He's won so many elections
because he's so good at politics and because voters can see what a star he
>4. What do you think Rae's greatest weakness would be in an election
>matchup against Stephen Harper?
He's not a sitting MP. I'm worried about that one. All the other perceived
weaknesses are things that he can and will address.

>5. If Rae couldn't win, who would you prefer he/she throw their support
>behind and why?
I'm torn between Ignatieff and Dion. I think they're both excellent
>6. If Rae couldn't win, who would you prefer he/she not throw their support
>behind and why?
I would be devastated if he threw his support behind Gerard Kennedy.
>7. If you were Rae's campaign manager, how would you run their campaign?
Do you mean campaign for leader or campaign in a federal election? I'll
assume the former.

Currently Rae's campaign is all about his leadership credentials, and it's
very effective. However, I'd like to see him also start addressing some
other things:

- allay people's fears about his perceived weaknesses
- identify a base and communicate to it
- set himself apart from the rest of the candidates
- inspire us. Rae is one of the most inspirational politicians I have ever
seen - right up there with Clinton and Trudeau - and at some point during
the campaign he needs to start rallying the troops. That might be best saved
for the convention.
>8. Tell us something about Rae you think most people don't know.
His motivation to be in politics is to make Canada a better place for

>9. Next to Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister, which cabinet position

>do you feel Rae would excel at?
No idea - I'm not sure I see him in parliament if he's not leader. He might
be UN secretary general or something of that stature.
>10. If Rae were pitted in a three way 57 round battle royale against Paul

>Martin and Jean Chr├ętien who would win?

Can anyone ever beat Jean Chretien? He's a slippery one. I don't know if
even Bob Rae could manage it. I think he could take Martin.


Frighteningly Enough, I Have Almost no Problem With This


The Conservatives are introducing legislation that will protect those who oppose Same Sex Marriage. As a proponent of SSM you'd think I'd have major problems with this, but I don't. I have no problem with Ministers having protection against being forced to perform Same Sex Marriages. If we want them to respect our beliefs we have to respect theirs. As for justices of the peace I have no problem with them being protected as well, but I'd add the caveat that in places not close to a major urban center, where there may be only one or two justices of the peace, the government should have to arrange for a justice who is willing to perform the marriage to be transported there to do so, thus giving rural same sex couples the same access as their urban counterparts.

I do however have a major problem with the proposal that would protect opponents from voicing their opposition to SSM. Now, of course I'm for the Charter of Rights and thus for free speech, and if that's all the Conservatives have in mind I'm fine with it. But we need to make sure we don't condone hate speech. What's the distinction? I don't know, I'm no lawyer or legal scholar. But I do know freedom of speech should not give one the right to speak publically about harming homosexuals.

The difference between we Liberals and the Conservatives is we're willing to comprimise. We don't mind that they have religious beliefs that contradict our own and would even fight to protect their right of freedom to worship. But they don't share the same compassion for our side of the debate, they think that they're right and we're wrong and so the law must be set so that we're forced to believe as they do. I couldn't care less what the law says. The problem for them is their tactic won't work. Do you think that if Same Sex Marriage were banned tomorrow I'd be any less for it than I am now? Do you think if they passed a law saying we all had to attend Church on Sundays (Damnit! Don't give them ideas! -Ed.) that I would go?
We Liberals try to work out the best comprimise for everyone, Conservatives try to impose their will on overyone.



Story 1
Story 2

Oh, this is such a great day for those of us who are sick and tired of religion sticking it's nose where it doesn't belong. To be honest, I didn't think I would see the day anytime soon, but thank GOD for Sobeys and Superstore, who took on the corrupt theocracial Progressive Conservative government and won the day!

Oh, I'm so happy right now. Finally this long fight is over, finally I'll be able to get grocieries or go to the mall or get supplies for my projects on Sundays like the rest of the freakin civilized world. I know it must sound ridiculous to those of you who already have Sunday Shopping and have had it for a long time, you've probably grown to take it for granted. But here in Nova Scotia if you needed something you couldn't get in a corner store on Sunday you were Shit out of luck, no longer.

Now, there is a caveat, they've set Rememberance day as the only day they need to be closed. And I've got no problem with that, Rememberance day isn't some bullshit religious holiday. For my money it's our most sacred of holidays.

Now, I'm sure the radical right, bible thumping, loony toons will try to get this overturned, but they won't succeed, and they can kiss my ass and burn in Hell for all I care. They've made Sundays a miserable, boring day here in Nova Scotia for far, far too long. This isn't aimed at all religious people, it's aimed at the assholes who try to force their religion on others.

Finally, the government is going to start moving toward protecting employees so they can't be forced to work on Sunday, and I'm 100% in favor of that. Because unlike those on the other side I actually give a shit about how they feel. I'm a proponent of the Charter of Rights, and as such I can't just pick and choose the parts I like like they do. So I'm fully for making laws so that those who wish to worship on Sunday are able to do so as they please, without fear of losing their job. I just hope the government doesn't settle for just Sunday, What about those who worship on other days?

But for now, we've won. And thank GOD for that.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Foley may be the Straw That Broke the Camel's Back

Foleygate. Ahhhh, that has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

I have a very very tiny bit more optimism about the upcoming midterm U.S. elections than I did a few days ago, the reason being the fallout from Congressman Foley's illicit emailing. Up until I heard about this I wasn't very optimistic at all. I mean come on, these people re-elected the worst president in the history of their country!

There is a lot of talk out there about the Republican's strength being the Homeland Security issue. (Why I can't imagine, I mean they only let 9/11 happen. -Ed.) But for my money Homeland Security isn't their number one trump card, it's the perverted sense of "morals and values" they pretend they have, and the alleged infranctions by one Florida Congressman tears at the very heart of this issue. The far right crowd have given the Republicans a near carte blanche, allowing them to let their fellow citizens die in terror attacks, from hurricanes, and in war, so long as they made it so that boys would be prevented from kissing in their state. But now, we have a member of the Republican congress an alleged petophile, and what's worse we have Republican congressional leaders allegedly knowing about this months ago. This could finally be the straw that broke the camel's back.

Still, the way the polls are looking I'm still not optimistic, I often wonder what Republicans would have to do to get destroyed at the polls. Could you imagine a party being this bad in Canada? Say what you like about the Liberals at least they didn't send troops off in a war over oil, and when Hurricane Juan (obviously not as big a deal as Katrina, but still) hit my home province of Nova Scotia the Liberals were quick to send in troops to help with the clean up. Could you imagine the Republican party running in Canada? They'd get all the vote in Alberta and shut out everywhere else.