Saturday, June 24, 2006

Something I've Always Wondered About...

How in the name of Hell could he or his handlers have possibly thought it was a good idea to wear this?


Friday, June 23, 2006

Suprise Suprise, a Conservative Lied

I honestly don't know how anyone can believe anything that comes out of any Conservative's mouths anymore. I mean time after time I and others like me have caught them in lie after lie after lie. But still people believe them and even give their most precious thing to them: Their vote.

As most of you know I'm sane, and therefore am an opponent of stores being forced to be closed on Sunday. Here in Nova Scotia we're still living in the 18th century because our stores are not allowed to open on "the Sabbath." Because in Nova Scotia it's A-OK to force religion on others.

So now Rodney MacDonald, who at first I didn't think could be as bad as John Hamm, but now have been unpleasantly surprised, has basically lied to every single Nova Scotian. And it only took him a week to do it! I'm impressed. *sarcasm*

Just so you understand the situation: under the current law No store with more than 4,000 square feet of retail space can open Sundays, but there is nothing in the law that prevents a larger unit from dividing into smaller ones, which is what Pete Luckett of Pete's Frootique did, paving the way for this current explosion of sanity.

June 17th CTV: "I have been made aware of that," said Premier Rodney MacDonald about their (grocery stores) intent to open. "As long as they're living within the law they are able to do so."

June 18th CBC: Premier Rodney MacDonald said the province would enforce the law.

June 19th CBC: Premier Rodney MacDonald said this week the province would enforce the rules as they stand.

June 21st CBC: MacDonald, however, said he has no plans to change the legislation governing store hours.

June 22nd CBC: Justice Minister Murray Scott said he is not positive that the grocery stores are doing anything illegal and the provincial Justice Department is simply gathering information, not reviewing their conduct. Scott said Wednesday he thinks the legislation is being interpreted correctly. Police have laid no charges. Both MacDonald and Scott have said the government will not likely rewrite the legislation.

Today June 23rd CBC: The Nova Scotia government is trying to limit Sunday shopping by capping the number of grocery stores that can open that day. But Sobeys and Atlantic Superstore are skirting the ban by subdividing some of their stores into separate businesses, a move pioneered several years ago by competitor Pete's Frootique. Under proposed new regulations, however, grocers will not be allowed to open on Sunday unless they reconfigured their businesses before June 1.

I wish I could say I was surprised by this, I also wish I could say that Rodney MacDonald is going to pay a political price for this… I wish I could say that.

Anyone in Toronto got a couch I can crash on?

Monday, June 19, 2006

God Help Edmonton if the Oilers Don't Win

I have a feeling, and perhaps it's in error, that if the Oilers don't win tonight sour Edmontonians are going to "burn that fucker to the ground." I hope that I never have to find out if I'm wrong or not however, because the thought of Carolina winning the cup makes me almost as ill as the knowledge that the Tampa Bay Lightning have their names permanently etched on the holy grail of hockey.

It's been far too long since the cup returned t it's home country where it belongs. Even though I'm a fan of an American team (I was a Nords fan and then they moved to Colorado so I followed them.) I still long to see the cup return home to Canada.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Bible Thumpers Prepare For War


When, OH WHEN dear reader will religious groups stop trying to impose their beliefs on to everyone else? As a follow up to my previous story I'm sad to report that the bible thumpers are once again arming for war on the Sunday Shopping front here in Nova Scotia, or as I'm currently calling it "Little Province on the Prarie."

I shouldn't be suprised, these ignorant jackasses think that because they want something everyone else should too. I ask what harm would there be in businesses opening on Sunday? How would effect their lives AT ALL if they chose not to shop on those days? The law that was proposed would make it so workers could not be forced to work on Sundays, so how would it effect them at all? The answer is it wouldn't, but that doesn't stop them from sticking their noses in to other people's business. These people are the scum of the Earth in my opinion, and frankly I don't care who knows it. If being a busy body who constantly harrasses other people and tries to force them by law to do what I want them to do is the only ticket to Heaven, I'll contently burn in Hell.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thank GOD For Loopholes

Thank GOD for loopholes, in Nova scotia we're still living in the 18th century because stores aren't allowed to open on Sundays because the bible thumpers forbid it. Well now many stores are getting around this moronic law. The law says any store over 4000 Sq ft. can't open, so many places are dividing their businesses in to seperate businesses that are connected to get around this stupid and arcane law.

A Special thanks to Pete Luckett, of Pete's Frootique. The man who came up with the idea in the first place. GOD bless you sir.


See, This is Why I Don't Like This Guy

First Francis McKenzie said he's going to resign, now he's musing in public about forming a coalition with the NDP. As much as I love the Liberal party THANK GOD this guy didn't become Premier last night.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Not as Bad as it Could Have Been in NS

9 seats isn't too bad considering the dire predictions of possibly only 2 seats. And thankfully we won't have an NDP government. Things could have been much, much worse.

Still it's bad. The Orange menace has taken over practically my entire home town. And my riding, which is normally a close affair was a blowout for the dippers, with my candidate getting half the amount of votes as the winner. God I miss Jim Smith.

I think it's good news Francis McKenzie lost his seat, I was never a big fan of his and now that he's going to be leaving it's a good thing. The only problem is I can't see anyone who would be a good replacement, but time will tell. It can't be any worse than the horrible 3 leading candiates we have in the Federal scene. (Rae, Iggy, and Kennedy)

Monday, June 12, 2006

And So It Begins...

The systematic dismantling of the CBC, followed by rebuilding in the perverted Conservative image has commenced, soon the media will be nothing more than lap dogs for the ultra far right.


Saturday, June 03, 2006

Proud to Be a Liberal

Just wanted to make sure my loyal readers, that's right all 3 of you, are aware of this site:

Thanks to my friend Canadian Content for the hookup.

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Rumor Mill

Just got this in the mail, obviously can't verify the verasity of it but figured I'd put it out there anyway.

"I heard a rumor at lunch that Joe V is going to withdraw his candidacy from the Leadership Race on Monday AM and turn funds collected to date over to the LPC." - Anon.

Volpegate, um Why Do I Care Again?

Not that I'm a big fan of Joe Volpe or anything, but this issue was brought to my attention by a Conservative Knuckledragger so I figured I should inject my $0.02 in to the debate. So here it is.

I couldn't care less.

I bet the knuckledragger in question isn't surprised, because if the Conservatives make a big deal about this it'll just prove yet again what I already knew: The only thing they are good at is making wrongdoing in the vicinity of a Liberal seem like an actual Liberal scandal. Yes sir they're good at taking out their smear rifle with its patented Conservative lie-o-scope technology and pointing it at the wrong man, we Liberals are beginning to feel a bit like Richard Kimble.

For those of you who don't know Joe Volpe's campaign received campaign contributions from the children of adult donors. (on top of the money the donors themselves gave.) Obviously its an attempt to get around the campaign finance laws, but I'll be damned if I see what it has to do with Volpe. If I rob a bank and then donate that money to my local MP how is that the fault of the MP? The people to blame are the parents of these children. But like I said anything that goes wrong in the vicinity of a Liberal must be their fault.

Give me a break.