Saturday, September 03, 2005

Solberg shows he doesn't know Atlantic Canada exists

It's long been thought that the Conservative Party doesn't really care about Atlantic Canada because of how few Seats of Parliament are to be had there. But now Conservative Finance Critic Monte Solberg has proven that not only do they not care about Atlantic Canada, they don't seem to know it even exists. A sad state of affairs for a party that actually has members from the region.

According to Solberg's latest blog entry: Has Dan McTeague been sniffing gas? He vehemently opposes the regulation of gas prices across Canada. The post criticizes Liberal MP Dan McTeague for suggesting that regulating gas prices would be good for Canada. Solberg seems to either not know, or not care that PEI has been regulating gas prices for years with many positive effects for their consumers.

This Chart shows average gas prices over the last month for Prince Edward Island (Green), Nova Scotia (Blue), and New Brunswick (Red). The reason I chose NB and NS as comparisons is they are geographically closest to PEI and have many of the same market forces, weather issues, and shipping costs.


As you can see prices are generally lower on Prince Edward Island than they are for their Maritime Cousins. Of course with any marketplace there are fluctuations but for the most part residents of the Island benefit greatly from regulation. Another factor is the price set by the regulator changes daily at midnight, so if a spike is coming consumers can be warned about it before it happens and have the oppurtunity if they choose to gas up before the price goes up.

Could it be that Solberg, a native of oil rich Alberta, may be putting the interests of his oil buddies above those of the average Canadian? Could it be that regulating gas prices would be bad for those who donate to him and his party, and finally put an end to the price gouging that has lined the pockets of Oil companies with the Average Canadian foots the bill? Putting your consituents needs above the needs of other Canadians is all well and good when you are a normal MP, but for a party that desperatly wants to become government this is another lesson they need to learn: To represent Canada you need to represent ALL of Canada, not just your friends. Like or hate the Liberals they do try to aid all parts of the country, including Alberta.