Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I Want To Die

...on my own terms.

     That's what the right to end your own life is all about. It's about dignity and limiting suffering. People argue about it on the basis of Religion but to channel Bill Maher I don't think Jesus would see someone suffering and be like "Yeah, we're not going to allow you to die until it happens naturally, good luck with all the suffering."

     I'm happy that the Liberals are bringing this issue to the fore in the Commons. Not allowing the Conservatives to hide until after the election. I never got the rational of bringing these cases to the Supreme Court while there is a Conservative majority, you know they're just going to make things worse like they've already done with Prostitution. I'm hoping they do punt until after the election and we drub them so we can do it right, and while we're at it fix prostitution, marijuana and copyright law. But it's still nice to see us Liberals shining light on this issue.

     I don't know how many of you have had to sit there in a hospital room and watch a loved one suffer a hopeless and painful battle, but I've had to do it twice now and that's twice too many. Maybe my Dad and my Sister wouldn't have wanted to choose to end their lives, but I would have at least like them to have the option, as I want it for myself too. No one wants to think about dying a long, slow painful death. I want to go to sleep one night 50 or 60 years from now and not wake up. But if something terrible does happen to me I'd feel a lot better knowing I wouldn't have to suffer through it.

     Let me know in the comments how you feel on this issue and why.