Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to War we Go!

Iran Must Face ‘Consequences’: Bush

It seems the Dubya administration is preparing for war against Iran. Now if you just read that article you might think they’re just going to stop at U.N. sanctions, to which I would say “Where the Hell have you been for the last 5 years?” Everyone and their dog knows when Cowboy Dubya starts talking tough about a country that means he’s getting ready to go in. Frankly I couldn’t be happier, I just hope if he does go in he does it well in advance of the November midterms so the Democrats can win back both Houses of Congress as opposed to what looks like now only being an outside chance at obtaining one (Don’t you love American electoral idiocy? –Ed.)

You think Iraq is a quagmire? Wait until you get a load of Iran, who’s military is far more powerful than Saddam could have possibly dreamed. Let’s see we’ve got a military of 11,770,000 soldiers, compared to a former military of 120,000. Yup that seems to be a bit more. (In fairness it’s only a little over 98 times more. –Ed.)

Meh, Americans had their chance to get rid of this moron in 2004, I say they made their bed now they have to lie in it. You know we’ll be helping them with this war anyway, The Harperfuehrer will get around any lack of public support by using the bullshit U.N. cover.

Start buying you're war bonds now folks, prepare for the draft!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sunday Shopping Going to Court in NS


Well today's the day the court case against the idiocy that is the banning of Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping started. I've been dissapointed on this issue so many times before that I'm not holding my breath, but I am hoping against hope sanity will prevail and church will finally seperate from state in my home province.

I found it funny, yet not suprising to learn that Premier Rodney McDonald has shopped on Sunday in his home riding. Conservative and Hypocrisy basically mean the same thing to me these days.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Rest in Peace Benoît Sauvageau

Obviously I wasn't a big fan of his goal, but the Bloc has always struck me as a far more classy and intelligent opposition party than the others we Liberals face. I didn't know much of this man, but I mourn the passing of a Parliamentarian and offer my condolances to the Bloc Québécois and his family.


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Congratulations to Elizabeth May

I'd just like to take this oppurtunity to congratulate Elizabeth May for being elected to the leadership of the Lets Waste a Vote That Could Have Been Used to Get Rid of The Tories Green Party.

Everyone knows how much I Love the Green party, and how professional I think they are. But most importantly how much they matter in the grand scheme of things.

Keep up the good work Lizzy!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fight for Pluto, Because it Can't Fight for Itself!

If you are as sickened as I am about the announcement today that the International Astronomical Union has demoted Pluto to a Dwarf Planet (Couldn't they have thought of a more insulting term? -Ed.) I imagine you want a place to voice your concern.

Here's how to do it.

Snail Mail
98bis Bd Arago
FR - 75014 Paris

+33 (0) 1 43 25 83 58
+33 (0) 1 43 25 26 16



Petition against the high cost of the Convention

I don't particularly care about this issue, cuz I'm not going to the convention. But one of the things that seperates us from Conservatives is we actually give a shit about people other than ourselves. And since KC is a good friend of mine I'm hookin him up with a link to his petition on my blog. I even signed it for him! :D So if you care, go ahead and sign it.

My Favorite Kind of Justice is Poetic Justice

Article @

Conservative MP Jason Kenney is coming under scrutiny for his appearance at a rally organized by supporters of a banned terrorist organization.

This comes two days after Kenney, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, condemned fellow parliamentarians for their comments about another terror group.

Oh how sweet it is. God I love Conservative idiocy, it constantly reminds me why I'd rather have an insane monkey with a dart board running the country than these clowns.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Awwwwwww Aren't They Adorable?

Ahhhh, it's once again time for a tradition in politics, some of you may remember way back during the last election (Or as we're calling it the Dark Times -Ed.) I spoke of this phenomenon. I'm talking of course of some irrelevant, fringe party trying to pretend like anyone sane gives a shit about them.

The party in question as it was before is the Green Party. The party that reminds me of a little chipmunk in a big huge park, and they come up to you and beg you for some food and you think to yourself "Awwwww Aren't They Adorable?" Their latest offering, which I'm sure was meant to make me laugh so hard I died and therefore was unable to not vote for them, was made in a CTV story. The leadership candiates all professed "the Green Party leadership ... winner will be just as essential to Canadian politics as the next Liberal leader."


Um, Ahem.
A few facts that contrast that "statement."

#1 The next Liberal leader will become Prime Minister.
#2 People will actually know the next Liberal leader's name.
#3 People will actually know that the party the next Liberal leader comes from exists.
#4 The next Liberal leader will participate in the debates.
#5 The next Liberal leader will have MPs in the House, and may be one him/herself.
#6 Sane people will actually give a shit about who becomes the next Liberal leader.
#7 The next Liberal leader will have a candidate in the North that doesn't go on vacation for the entire election cycle.
#8 The next Liberal leader won't have candidates running for him that don't ever set foot in the districts they're trying to win.
#9 The next Liberal leader will win his seat.

Ok, so that's more than a few but hey what can I say, I got on a roll. Seriously though, thank God for the Green Party thought. With the Harperfuhrer in charge and the Midterm Elections in the States looking good, but not good enough things are bleak. It's nice to have something political to laugh at.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Will This Nightmare Ever End?

Just when I thought the American people had finally woken up and realized who was running there government there comes a poll that shows if the midterm elections were held today they would still keep a slim Republican majority in the Senate.




If these people vote in these morons one more freakin time I'll simply give up on them, I'll switch to the other side and cheer Bush on. "So you want to cut taxes on the rich and raise it on the poor? Go nuts!" "Banning all vehicles except SUVs? A great idea!" "You wanna go for the first quadrillion dollar defecit? You go Girl!"

Seriously folks, how many times. HOW MANY TIMES do these people need to be screwed over before they stand up and do something about it? I feel like the U.S. is a rape victim who keeps thinking it's their fault and keeps apologizing and supporting their assailant.

It wouldn't be so bad if the U.S. didn't control so much of the major currents that govern the world, but these moronic assholes get to make decisions that screw the rest of us over. And then they wonder why we take such a keen interest in their election, they wonder why we in the rest of the world by a vast vast vast majority supported Kerry and Gore. I know my gas isn't almost twice as much as it used to be because of the Canadian government. Of course we haven't got much room to talk, we elected the Harperfuheror in January.

Update: Republican compares Hillary to Bin Ladin (Hat tip to knb for finding the story)

Now I'm no fan of Hillary Clinton, but......damn.....

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New Liberal For Life Webstore

I'd just like to take this oppurtunity to whore my new store. (hey that rhymes!)

Here you can buy items with the "Don't Blame Me! I Voted Liberal" logo on them such as BBQ Aprons, T-Shirts, Buttons, etc. Check it out today!

Note: All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

Friday, August 04, 2006

SPECIAL REPORT: The 9/11 "Truth Movement"

At 6:02 PM Atlantic Daylight Time on July 24th 2006, I did a search on Google for Halifax tall buildings. I was interested to see how tall the tallest building in Halifax was in comparison to the former World Trade Center towers of New York City. This search would turn out to be the Genesis of a 9 day whirlwind tour through the very dark and disturbing recesses of modern Western internet society.

United Flight 175, 1 Second Before Impact.

September 11th has always fascinated me, as it has many others. That such a horrible tragedy took place so close to where I had lived all my life was a devastating awakening to the desperate situation our world finds itself in. As we all now know that day and its events were brought in to our living rooms by cable and network news. The images of planes full of people crashing in to buildings full of people were beamed in to our kitchens and bedrooms, our bars and restaurants, and our shopping malls and street corners. Everyone remembers where they were this day, I myself slept through the whole thing and awoke around 1:30pm turning on my TV as I did. As luck would have it I had watched something on CNN the night before and my TV was still tuned to that channel. Before the tube had even warmed up and displayed its ghastly image I was bombarded with what would be the beginning of a seemingly endless array of shocks. I heard a voice saying “World Trade Center Towers Have Collapsed.” To be honest, the first thought that entered my mind was “Um, what?” For the next 24 hours my eyes were glued to the television, watching images that should have only ever been seen in a bad Hollywood movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. I have to admit that on that day for the first fifteen minutes or so I was genuinely scared. I had no idea what had really happened, all I knew was someone had “attacked” the United States, the World Trade Center towers were no more, and the Pentagon had also been hit. My mind spun with visions of nuclear war and certain death for us all. Once my half asleep brain was given the whole story however my fear subsided and my shock took over. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Halifax tall building search and its purpose got me searching also for the dimensions of the former World Trade Center. Through this search I ended up finding a video entitled Loose Change which claimed that September 11th was an “inside job” perpetrated by the U.S. government. I had heard these theories before, but had never given them much thought. I don’t trust George W. Bush, and can readily accept he knew or had hints about 9/11 and did nothing in order to get over to Iraq and jack up the price of oil for his buddies, but to believe his administration actively planned September 11th was going a bit too far for me without substantial proof. Not only did Loose Change fail to prove that the U.S. Government planned and executed September 11th, it seemed to deliberately use poor or non-existent evidence to support its claims. One of the most blatant examples of this is using news anchors, sitting miles away from the World Trade Center, saying words to the effect of “it looks like some sort of controlled demolition.” as 100% proof of a controlled demolition. Claims like this are scattered all throughout Loose Change. Many eyewitness accounts are from the actual day, September 11th, when no one knew what was going on. Accounts of explosions in the World Trade Center are attributed to some sort of secret plan to demolish it, but as we all know not all explosions are caused by bombs. The explosions the witnesses heard could have been from transformers, or cleaning supplies, or any number of things. Also, how many controlled demolitions have you heard about where the people conducting it set off explosions in random sections tens of minutes before the actual demolition? I imagine, although I will admit I’m not %100 sure, that could possibly damage the connections to or possibly even prematurely explode the other bombs in the building. There are many other discrepancies in this movie that need to be pointed out; luckily two gentlemen have already taken it upon themselves to do so. So I’ll defer to them in order to save time. Screw Loose Change is a video created by MarkyX which points out all of the errors while you watch by showing subtitles over the regular version of Loose Change. Its website is located here and has links to all of the sources used in the video, something you won’t find in Loose Change. The second rebuttal is called the Loose Change Viewers Guide, created by Mark Roberts which is a site that contains a point by point rebuttal of all the claims made in Loose Change. This is for those of you who want to know what’s wrong with the movie without actually watching it. The final reference is to a document that shows just how callous and uncaring the makers of Loose Change appear to be when confronted with evidence that contradicts what they believe. This document was created by MarkyX and is entitled Loose Change Creators Speak (pdf)

The next aspect of this journey showed me that Loose Change wasn’t the only place where these debates are going on. There is a large group of people, possibly in the thousands who refer to themselves as the “9/11 Truth Movement.” What I found while I was there was that most of these people who claim to seek the truth in actuality are only seeking the truth as they believe it. They have a predetermined notion in their head and seek out evidence to prove that notion. Common sense tells you that isn’t any way to run a proper investigation. Real investigations require an open mind, objectivity, and a willingness to accept something you don’t believe is the truth. The vast majority of the so called “Truth Movement” exhibits none of these characteristics. For nine days I engaged in conversations with many of them in forums and other public places on the net. I went there after watching Loose Change hoping I could have intelligent and productive conversations about the few remaining mysteries that in my mind exist around 9/11. Things such as the claim that Cell phone calls were made from flights on 9/11 at altitude and whether that was actually possible or not, trying to find evidence of the damage on the South side of World Trade Center Building 7, which many people don’t know also collapsed on September 11th. (It collapsed many hours later and no one was inside.) On all these counts I was severely disappointed. What I found wasn’t a group of people searching for the truth, I found a vast network of people living and dying on shoddy reporting, bad evidence, embarrassingly horrible science, and outright lies. I was puzzled by this because these people claimed they wanted the truth. I would assume if you wanted the truth about 9/11 you would speak to people who are experts in the fields you’re investigating. Talk to chemistry professors about fire and steel so you can figure out for yourself how the Towers collapsed; talk to flight attendants and airport security personnel about the procedures that were in place on 9/11 so you can determine how they were circumvented, talk to computer programmers about creating a simulation of the North tower collapse so you can examine how the debris would have damaged Building 7. All of these things might be out of reach for one person, but as I said this movement comprises of thousands of people. Their stated purpose is to pressure the United States government in to launching a full and independent investigation it to September 11th, what they don’t realize is that if they were organized, open minded and did a proper investigation themselves they wouldn’t need the government to help them. However it appears that the goal of the leaders of this movement is not one of truth at all.

The next characteristic that I noticed in my stay was more often than not the people who believed that 9/11 was an “inside job” tended to believe in conspiracy theories from the past as well. The faking of the Holocaust, the John F. Kennedy assassination, faking of the Moon landings, etc. What’s more most of these people seemed to think all of these events were connected in one grand, all encompassing conspiracy theory. The root of this belief is the shadowy Illuminati, or more as it’s more commonly known the “New World Order.” The conspiracy theorists believe that the entire world is surreptitiously under the control of this entity and all of the human created happenings such as wars, and terrorist attacks in the world are their work. They believe that the goal of these people is to create one world government, obviously headed by them, that would enslave mankind for their nefarious purposes. Their evidence is mostly derived from a film by a man named Alex Jones entitled Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove. Basically this film documents the strange actions of a cult like group consisted mostly of powerful men from around the world, most notably George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and others at a retreat in California called Bohemian Grove. Actions of this group disturbingly include a mock human sacrifice of a child to a God named Moli. It is the contention of the conspiracy theorists that this organization is the tip of the iceberg and most public face of the Illuminati. And that th coming together of these people, committing these simulated disturbing acts constitutes proof of the existence of the New World Order.

Skull and Bones, The Yale University Chapter of the Illuminati.

The final and by far most disturbing aspect I discovered in my exploration of the 9/11 Truth Movement was a deep, yet strangely muted hatred of the Jewish people. To be painstakingly fair let me say that not everyone involved in the movement has this characteristic, but the percentage of its population that harbors these views is enough to be very troubling indeed. Throughout this community the term “Zionist” is used as a hateful and derogatory word, used hand in hand with Illuminati as referring to those who want to take over the world and shape it in their own image. Go to any public forum dedicated to the 9/11 Truth Movement and do a search for “Zionist” to see what I mean. The people who use this term also tend to be of the belief that either the Jewish people had a hand in the planning and execution of September 11th, or that they were the soul ones that executed it, with the purpose being to frame their arch enemy, the Arabs, of the crime and by proxy have the United States do their “dirty” work for them. This quote, from a member who identifies himself as Hound, drives this belief home.

“If you Israelis could have the decency to fight your wars on your own. You are using the stupidity of Dudya to send American money, weapons and soldiers to fight your dirty wars.”

This statement made despite the fact that Israel was indeed fighting its own “dirty war” with Lebanon as we spoke. It was made in response to a post I made on my blog entitled Israel vs Lebanon, that one of the members of the Truth Movement had posted on the board without my knowledge in what turned out to be a successful attempt to smear me as being an Israeli apologist, which according to these people is the worst thing a person could be.

“Hahaha... So this guy turned out to be a Israeli apologist on the net. That certainly explains why he is here supporting Bush and the 9/11 hoax. Dubya and 9/11 being very beneficial to IsraHell.” Hishigh....: "So, I'm fully with Israel on this one, I say invade Lebanon and then Syria and then Iran and Saudi Arabia, and so on,..." “You are not very shy running Israeli errands on the net”

This kind of behavior and thinking has led me to believe that the true intent behind those running the 9/11 Truth Movement is not to find the truth about 9/11, but to use the phantom enemy the conspiracy theory creates to turn people more and more against the Jewish people; with the eventual goal being to wipe them out much like the Nazi’s attempted to do in World War II. 9/11 is perfect for this purpose because of the strong emotional response it evokes in people. As anyone who’s ever been in love knows emotion can override a person’s sense of reason. It’s quite Ironic that a movement that is supposedly dedicated to fighting a shadowy group may in fact be one themselves.

Poll Taken From 9/11 Truth Movement Affiliated Site. (Not Scientific)

In any event it is clear to me the 9/11 Truth Movement is irresponsible and needs to be seriously overhauled. Its stated mission is a laudable goal; however its methods in obtaining that goal are ineffective at best and sinister at worst. The sheer amount of misinformation that flows through its metaphorical veins is reason enough to push for substantial changes within its structure. Beyond that, this anti Jewish movement that has taken root within the movement could be the precursor for a new and dangerous type of hate group, and like the most dangerous in our history, one that we don’t even realize is coming until it’s far too late.