Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Already My MP is Showing He'll Shine in Opposition.


Way to go Mike, I just hope MacKay tries to tell you to stick to your knitting.

I'm hopeful that my MP, Mike Savage will get a shadow cabinet spot. If I were a bettin man I would bet against it, but either way I'm sure he'll be a force of nature in Question Period when he gets a chance to speak. That's the nice thing about being in opposition, you get to ask the questions.

Monday, February 06, 2006

New Parliament: April 3rd

Wow, I wonder why so long. Perhaps he needs time to bribe more opposition members.

So Prime Minister, When Can We Expect That By-Election?

Over the course of my tenure here at Liberal For Life I've done my best to expose Conservative hypocrisy, I never intended things to be that way. But when I was faced with the sheer volume of it, it became impossible not to mention it. Today's defection by David Emerson is yet the latest example.

Now I'm sure Conservatives love this, and they're waiting for die hard Liberals such as myself to go off much like they did when Stronach crossed the floor, but they'll get no such satisfaction from me. I say good riddance, to be completely honest I wasn't very impressed with Mr. Emerson as a Cabinet Minister and am glad to see him gone, if he wants to be part of an ultra far right, regressive government I say all the power to him. When we retain our majority in the next election he'll be forever shut out of power and that can only be a good thing for Canada.

But another reason I'm not angry about this is it shows once again what a liar and a hypocrite Prime Minister Harper is to the Canadian people, I hope the Liberals do a good job of showing the Canadian people this as well. Will Mr. Emerson be running in a leadership campaign? Of course not, that would require Prime Minister Harper to not be a hypocrite, and that is something Conservatives can't do.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Looks Like Dubya's Drinkin Again

Just when you thought this guy couldn't get any more pathetic.

Click Here :D

Friday, February 03, 2006


I'm going to start a segment here on L4L called "Talking to Conservatives" Which obviously will be loosely based on Rick Mercer's "Talking to Americans."

The purpose of this will be to cruise blogs, message boards, and any other public forum and find some real gems that Conservatives say and post them here for all to see.

If you find something like this click the tips link (the pic of the Godfather) and send me the quote, the link to where you found it, and the name you'd like credited (if any).

These quotes will be completely unedited, unscripted, and links will always be provided so you may see the entire context. (unless the poster removes it)

So without further adieu here are today's entries:

Discovered @ Free Domnion by anonymous
1) “Is it in the best interests of the CPC to revisit the sufferage movement and reconsider allowing women the right to vote?

Most Canadian women don't have values and principles that allow them to relate to conservatism, so until this changes, perhaps they should be temporarily suspended from the electoral process and leave the big decisions to men who are willing to think critically. I am not sure how this could be passed in a minority situation, but maybe if a majority is able to squeak by, the CPC could pass it afterwards.”

Free Dominion

2) “The problem did not begin when we gave women the right to vote...

The problems began when we gave them the right to speak......”

Discovered @ Free Dominion by Myself
Gay activists have taken over Canadian politics, especially the liberals and are claiming to embrace Muslims and basically support terrorists..

Can you imagine the infighting in the liberal party when the Muslims gradually take them over???

Discovered at Politics Canada by anonymous
You cannot support one without the other. And I truly believe that in the next 20 years, the progressives will say that pedophilism is OK too... where does it end!

Why must we turn society upside down for 3% of the population at best? Closer to 1% I have heard. So they can raise children, and ruin their lives. Imagine a kid being taunted at school because he has 2 daddies. This is nonsense. Most of the Canadian population does not support SSM. I certainly wouldn't want these people in my neighbour, openly showing their Homosexual nature.

And yes Canadian Friend, they do have a mental illness or a genetic defienency or they have made a sick choice lifestyle! Canada has a great budget surplus, I am sure we can open up new mental facilities to treat them. Canada has a lot of uninhabited land, I am sure we can send them to the Arctic Islands. In fact sending them there would be a wonderful way to open up the Arctic. We could have lovely labour camps for them painted pink.

Ok, the labour camps are going to far, it was just a nice thought that was all, I wasn't serious about the camps.

Gee, Ya Yhink?

Wow, arson? Really? In Alabama churches? I wish the authorities would stop jumping to conclusions.... I mean what's next a nuclear bomb goes off in New York City and they automatically assume it's terrorism?

Seriously though what I find funny about this is the word "some" So 6 churches, all in the same state go up in flames on the same day and you think it's a coincidence?