Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gee, What a Surprise...

Looks like Chicken Steve is going to fill the 18 Senate vacancies before the end of the year in case he loses the power to do so in January.

What a surprise, I seem to remember a blogger, a really handsome looking one, saying that if we got power we should do the same to keep him from getting a majority by 2010.

I can't remember who it was though.

Oh well, it'll come to me eventually.

Monday, December 08, 2008

CBC Projection: Liberals win Majority in Quebec

35 minutes in, too bad the rest of the country doesn't go this way. But it's good to see that we won't have a referendum for 3-5 years.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Hat Tip to Canuck Attitude

for his hilarious find of this website, the video alone is enough to make me wet myself laughing, especially the part about Layton Cycling.

His post:

The Website:

Thursday, December 04, 2008


What a terrible precedent that has been set by the Governor General, that a Prime Minister can just dodge a vote of Confidence any time they feel like it.

I can't help but feel that those in the West would have been outraged had this happened in reverse back when Paul Martin faced a confidence motion.

A sad say for Canada.

The Waiting Game

I know all there is to know, about the Waiting game... I've had my share, of the waiting game...

This is like waiting for a jury to finish deliberating, you keep wondering "so it's a long time, is this good or bad? Oh, they're opening the door! We must have an answer... Why are they sitting there with the door open? We taxpayers are paying for that! (God you sound like a Conservative -Ed.)

The truth is, we all just have to wait. In that sense we're all in the same boat, Liberal, Conservative, Dipper, Bloc supporters. We're all waiting to find out what will happen, what the future of our country is. Either way it's a huge decision.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Flaggate Part II: The Prime Minister Changes His Story

You'll recall yesterday in Question Period the Prime Minister accused the Coalition of signing their agreement without the Canadian flag behind them, until CBC news aired a report showing that in fact the flag was behind them.


So instead of admitting he made a mistake, (Don't hold your breath with this Prime Minister -Ed.) the Prime Minister instead changed his story by saying the flag was "off to the side" except, as you can see from the video it was almost directly behind Jack Layton.


The Prime Minister says "Those images will never be forgotten by the Canadian people." What you mean the images that show you're a liar? Well, lets hope you're right about that.

Not Quite the Overwhelming Support He Was Looking For

If the Prime Minister is counting on overwhelming public support to save his sorry excuse for a government from the most embarrassing defeat since Joe "Govern as if you have a majority" Clark, he may be in deep trouble.

An Angus Reid poll, done for Conservative TeleVision (CTV) shows that only 35% of people, or less than amount who voted for them in October, say the Conservatives should be allowed to remain in power. While 40% say they should be replaced.

Not exactly a resounding endorsement for the Prime Minister.

On the issue of what should be done the news is also bad for the Conservatives, with 32%, which is 4 points less than they got in October, saying they want an election. Again more people (%37) say that they want the coalition.

Now of course these polls were taken before the Conservative propaganda machine got warmed up, so they may be able to make a dent in these numbers, but it's unlikely to make a difference in time for December 8th, which just increases my feeling that Chicken Steve will prorogue Parliament to escape certain defeat, even though he panned that posible move by Paul Martin in 2005. You see it's Ok as long as it's him doing it.

The thing that scares me the most about Conservatives is most of the time they actually believe the bullshit they spout.

When You Lie All The Time...

...You can sometimes have trouble remembering the truth. As evidenced by this clip from Tuesday's CBC National News.

Maybe the Prime Minister just didn't see the flag because he's been wrapping himself in it as of late, trying to pretend he's patriotic when he, much like the Sarah Palin types South of the border, doesn't love all of Canada, only the parts that support him and his perverted ideals.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

When Your Messiah is in Trouble

You give up being subtle...

Rallies for the Coalition

The far righters have their rallies set up, so why not have our own?

Though the Halifax rally is on Thursday so I can't attend. (Thursday is my brother's birthday and I already promised him the day)

If, like me, you can't attend our own rally just show up to one of the far righters' rallies and protest it. Make a nice big bristolboard sign that says DOWN WITH HARPER or something similar and stand in a prominent place where all the nutjobs can see you.

To find out where these are just go to

Monday, December 01, 2008

Quality Television

If any of you caught the Press Conference today with Jim Prentice and James Moore it was some of the best television I've ever seen. Oh of course not because of what they said, if I want to hear lies I go strait to the Prime Minister, no it was quality TV because of the look on James Moore's face. It was priceless, he looked like he he was trying really hard not to cry.

There are very few things in life that please me more than Conservatives in pain. (mental, not physical) For all the pain and anguish they bring others it's nice to see some of it land back on them.

Still if I were a betting man I'd wager a substantial sum on Chicken Steve proroguing Parliament. Can't just accept the will of the House, that'd be democratic.

Thinking Ahead

If this coalition does go forward I think the Liberal party needs to think ahead and seriously consider filling all the vacancies in the Senate while we are in power. I don't care if we fill it 75% Liberal 25% NDP or whatever, as long as we fill it with non Conservatives.

Barring that in a little over a year Harper would be able to stack the Senate with Conservatives and take a majority there which, coupled with a Majority election victory in the House, would leave him with absolute power. And I don't think there's anything that scares a sane (read: center/left leaning) Canadian more than the thought of Emperor Stephen Harper.

The Layton Conference Call

Well first of all whoever leaked the number to the Conservatives needs to be shot out of a cannon in to a lake of lava. What an idiot...

Secondly, at least we don't have the worst leader any more. Although I'm slightly less gung ho about this coalition than I was, but for the same reason. I don't trust Layton as far as I can throw him, better the Devil you know right? But even though Layton's a moron we can't back down on this or else the Conservatives will bankrupt the opposition parties.

Still I'm off the idea of Dion as leader, there's no way he can handle a shady bastard like Layton, we need someone who can. I've heard Ralph Goodale's name floated. Hmmm, Prime Minister Goodale. Man that has a nice ring to it. Sure a Hell of a lot better than Prime Minister Harper.

Also, what is it with the Conservatives and tape recordings? First Gurmant Grewal and now this? Are they all spy wannabes or something? I say let MI6 have them.

Bloody Spammers

Getting some spam messages from morons like MoneyBonanza so I'm going to set comment moderation. I'll approve any post that isn't spam.