Monday, October 13, 2008

I Just Gained Some Respect for Elizabeth May

Which isn't really that notable considering the very low level I had for her before.

But I must say she did speak the truth yesterday when it comes to The Mustache (a.k.a. Jack Layton)
"I think she’s muddying the waters," Valerie Powell said. "I think she’s the best prime minister, and we have to keep working hard as Greens to make sure we have as many MPs as possible." Asked if she is muddying the waters, May responded, "It’s true I am." "I love Valerie and I read her full quotes and they weren’t harsh or unfair. She’s right, life would be simpler if I acted like (NDP Leader) Jack Layton and didn’t care if Stephen Harper formed government again. "Life would be simpler if I were a complete hypocrite like Jack Layton and pretended I cared about the climate when all of his strategy makes his own personal success more important than survival of the climate and decent climate policy. "I’m just not that person."
This is exactly how I feel about Jack Layton, especially after the whole Afghanistan war fiasco, I don't agree with the Conservatives on this one but he was all "we need to get out now, blah blah blah." And he didn't give a shit about the troops, anyone with half a brain could see that, all he cared about was getting more votes. His unfitness to be in any position of leadership was made blindingly clear when he and Harper caved in on allowing the Greens in to the debate in the first place.

As for May, one of the advantages of knowing there's no chance in Hell you'll ever win a seat in Parliament, EVER is that you can say whatever you want and not have to worry about electoral consequences. I'm happy that she's advocating strategic voting. Of course if all the center/left people in the country voted Liberal we'd never have to worry about a Conservative government again. I wish someone would start a viable right wing party to split the Conservative votes some. If the thought of Conservatism didn't make me want to puke I'd do it myself.

Elizabeth May should join the Liberal party and put her talents to good use and stop wasting them with this fringe party. But hey, Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven I guess.


jenn said...

What a load of crap. Jack not only cares but he is running to defeat Harper. Dion on the other hand chose to vote for the extension of the war in Afghanistan even though during the leadership race he claimed he wanted the troops out BEFORE 2009 end date. The Libs and Dion sat on their hands (if they bothered to show at all) 43 times. Dion supports $50 billion in corporate tax cuts and has already said that he will throw child care and pharmacare under the bus if the libs are elected (at least he is consistent to Liberal values). Dion lies, the radio ads that say that the NDP will increase taxes on small business isn't even a distortion it is a FABRICATION. I am voting for a party that will ACTUALLY stand up for my family and Canadian values. I'm voting NDP!

Russ Campbell said...

"I am voting for a party that will ACTUALLY stand up for my family and Canadian values."

Stand up where, Jenn, in the back benches? Canadians have rejected the NDP for decades, they have never even reached official opposition party status. Can 80% of Canadians be wrong election after election?

A vote for the NDP is a wasted vote.