Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hat Tip to Red Tory

Just wanted to give a hat tip to Red Tory for saying something about Liberal 4 Ever.

I think this guy is a troll, but he's an embarrassment to all of us (i.e. me) that have "Liberal 4/For" in their blog name.

He mentions in his rebuttal that English is not his first language, I think he needs to learn what the word "Liberal" means.

Personally I think he's just a troll/shit disturber.


Red Tory said...

If I'm not mistaken (and I know things get rather muddy and confused online at times) weren't YOU the person that first gave me an entree into Liblogs? Because the "L4E" person does not seem, at all, to be the person that I would have touched based with initially in that regard. I could be dreaming here, but my recollection was that you were very accommodating and put me in touch with Jason... to whom I then had to explain that despite the handle "Red Tory" I was quite "liberal" in most respects.

Can you clear that up for me, because it's something that's always rather confounded me as I looked at the posts of this L4E fellow and just shook my head in amazement.

Anonymous said...

How is he a troll?

Code said...

I didn't definitively say he was, I said I think he is. I'm still entitled to my opinion right?

And I think he is because he's an alleged Liberal who supports the most right wing ticket in the U.S. since, well, 2000/04.

And Red, I don't remember specifically doing that but it is possible, we emailed a bit back in 06 and also you were on my forum back then so it could have been me. But I don't remember so I can't take credit and therefore request %10 of all your liblogs related earnings. ;)

Hishighness said...

Oops, that was me logged in to my other account. *blush*

Red Tory said...

Thanks. Good enough to allay my worries about that.

We touched base in a cursory kind of way back in 2006. As for the "earnings" from Liblogs... well, not so much.

I'll be sure to check back here more often in future now that the confusion has been removed.

Hishighness said...

Yeah I was just kidding about the earnings thing. :D

Goldenhawk said...

4 years ago progressive Americans were all making noise about moving to Canada. If a Conservative majority ever comes to pass here, how many of us will be looking into marrying for a green card?

Hishighness said...

In that eventuality I'd seriously consider marrying a dude (and I'm strait) if it meant I could escape.