Friday, December 02, 2005

WARNING: Liberal For Life will be down on Sunday temporarily

Just like to let everyone who visits know Liberal for Life will be down temporarily this upcoming Sunday for mainteneance. When it comes back up it will have new sections designed to make the site easier to navigate and more enjoyable.

There will be a new front page with links to:
Google Site Search
The Blog (Of Course)
Contact Me
Video Section

This page will be located where the blog currently is. (

The RSS Feed will also be changing, it will change from:
- to -

The old feed will have only one post which will be a link to the new home page.

There will also be slight changes to the blog template as well, to clear the clutter and put certain items in to their proper sections. Also a navigation bar to all the different sections will be added to the blog template.

The Google site search won't work until Google has crawled the new blog page. However the web search will, of course, work immediatly.

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