Thursday, December 08, 2005

Charles Adler = Tory Hack

I hope this guy is on the Tory payroll, because he sure does a lot of work for them. It seems like every time Prime Minister Paul Martin has a press conference he's there asking a question that has probably come right off the desk of a Tory spin doctor.

At the Martin Child Care Press Conference he asked how much under the Liberal plan it would cost parents to send their children to daycare. And the Prime Minister answered him correctly by saying it was up to the Provinces because some of them put the money towards new spaces and others put the money toward lowering the cost of currently created spaces.

So then Adler responds:

"In political terms during a campaign, when you can't answer a question like that (Which he just did) and when you can't specifically say how many new spaces will be created (Which wasn't the question he asked) because of the different types of agreements you've got (Is this a question or an accusation?) does it not make it a little more difficult for you to sell the message (finally a question) when the other side is coming out with very clear figures. (Which I'm sure they were up all night throwing darts at a dart board to come up with) In other words are you at somewhat of a disadvantage with this type of program unable to answer questions like that (Which as has been previously said he did)

Seriously, the guy gave you the correct answer. Oh sure he could have lied to you like the Conservatives do and say that he has all the control when it comes to this. Now I know Conservatives don't care about the Constitution but when you make a deal with the provinces they have a say in what happens, which I think is as it should be. Provinces know what works for them when it comes to matters such as these.

This is the second time the Conservatives and their supporters have shown a lack of knowledge of the differing jurisdictions between the Feds and the Provinces.

It almost makes me wish the Liberals would send one of their operatives to ask Harper questions. That would be entertaining to say the least, watching him having to account for the idiocy that comes out of his party. But it would also be sinking to their level, which just wouldn't do.

Check out the Video Section to watch the video of the entire announcement and press conference.

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