Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I've waited for this day, for so long.....

No, not the end of the Conservative party unfortunatly.

Please allow me a moment of non-political talk if you will, this is just too exciting for me to not want to share with you all.

I'm a huge fan of everything google. My start page is google, my email is google, google is where I go to read my RSS feeds, I use them for all my blogs, I find everything I want with google. I even use their search and their ads on my sites.

So I was blown away when they finally offered something I've been waiting for them to offer for as long as I've known about google:

Google instant messaging.

This totally rocks. See, unlike Microsoft, Google actually takes it's time and provides quality programs and services.

The only request I have left for them now is to get in to the operating system business. But time will tell on that one, for now I'm stuck with Windows.

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