Monday, December 19, 2005

Robbins SCE at it again

If any of you have read my blog since the beginning you'll remember a story I latched on to a while back about Anti-Liberal "pollster" Robbins SCE.

It seems my good friend Jason Cherniak has also discovered this fraudulent pollster.

If nothing else, all you need to know about the guy that runs this polling firm is he said this to a blogger who questioned his polling:

I say you don't have the gonads to do it, because cowards like you who will never amount to anything, sit around and send out meaningless blogs. The right and proper thing for you to do and (think seriously about this) you know its true, is to rid the earth of yourself, because (and look at what you are writing) you are truly a waste of good skin that might otherwise be made available to another, or perhaps a jacket for a more worthy citizen.

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