Saturday, December 10, 2005

We've been fighting the wrong fight

To avert potential "cover up conspiracy theories" perpetrated by Conservative supporters Here is the full thread in context so you can see everything that was said.
Two perverts don't make a married couple. They may call it "common law" or "civil union" if they want. But marriage is a child-centered institution and redefining marriage will lead to imposing a motherless or a fatherless family on a child as a state policy. That should not be allowed to happen. Therefore C-38 (which by the way had the term "natural parents" replaced with "legal parents") must be repealed at all cost.
It makes me pity the present and feel sad for the future of the human race when I read this kind of trash. We all like to think this type of hatred and ignorance is dead and buried, yet here it is. Will we ever all be enlightened? Or will dinosaurs such as this "person" always be with us, doing everything in their power to try to drag us back to the past because they are so afraid of the future.

Conservative supporters like to say "Oh Harper's not as radical as he used to be." But Do you honestly think that a person who has views along these lines, who's mind is so distorted and diseased, can just up and have a change of heart and suddenly go back on the years of brainwashing they've been subjected to?

Now I don't blame people who feel this way, they are victims too; and it's time that all of us on the left realize this. People who feel this way have been bombarded by this hatred ever since they were children, they can't help it. It's what they were taught. People are who they are because of the experiences of their childhood.

That is what we should be fighting against, not the horrible ideas these people have about life, but the root cause of their hatred.

Now I know what I think the root cause is, but many disagree, so at the risk of offending those who are good people I'll stop leave it at that.

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Red Tory said...

The "child centered" argument for marriage is pretty laughable. So anyone over 40 shouldn't be able to get married, or re-married? Procreation and marriage are not really wedded (if you'll excuse the pun) concepts. I know people, some in my family as a matter of fact, who live common-law, are for all intents and purposes "married" and have kids.

Some of the comments on that thread were pretty hilarious: "Nobody has proven that marijuana is harmless." Yeah, that's why there's all those reported deaths from potheads keeling over, like NEVER! I don't think anyone's proven that cheese is harmless either...