Sunday, December 11, 2005

Rob Anders has a twin

Major hat tip to Koby for this heads-up.

In a December 6th Vancouver 24 Hours story New Westminster-Burnaby-Coquitlam Conservative MP Paul Forseth has once again illustrated the far right, radical thinking prevelant in today's Conservative Party.

In a letter sent to some constituents in November, Forseth argues that recently passed legislation allowing same-sex marriages is leading to the "moral breakdown of society." But Forseth doesn't stop there. Oh no. Giving people the right to legally marry whoever they love is not only causing a moral meltdown, it is also threatening to destroy our economy! "The family has always been the backbone of prosperity of any country ... we need only look at history to prove that. Does the breakdown of the family in Canada concern me? Yes - greatly!" Forseth writes. "Traditionally, Canadians are God-loving, family people with traditional values," he continues, apparently believing that only straight folks can create jobs, hold religious beliefs or even have families.

None of us should be suprised. The sad thing is there is still a substantial portion of the population out there that thinks this is all a smear campaign by the Liberals; as if they all got together, kidnapped the Conservative MPs and brainwashed them in to saying this stuff.

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James Bowie said...

While dumb, we should avoid using the Anders comparison. That is the sledgehammer in our toolbox, only to be used for large jobs.

Anders is the guy who says Native people are responsible for most of the illegal firearms in Canada. He's the one who says that Nelson Mandella is a terrorist. He's the one who talks about "Crack whores" to students at LU. He is, without a doubt, the biggest bafoon in Canadian politics today.

So please, while we can agree that Paul Forseth is a dunce, comparing him to Anders is a bit of a conceit. Forseth has many more people to outrage before he can claim that kind of stature.