Sunday, January 22, 2006

Majority Oppression

I wasn't at all surprised at Conservative mouthpiece Jason Kenny's comments about abortion, as discovered by my friend Mark at Nottawa here.

The thing that a lot of people don't seem to understand about issues such as abortion and same sex marriage is that it is entirely possible that the majority of Canadians, and by proxy their parliamentarians, may support the Conservative views on these issues. But the problem with that is it doesn't make them right.

This is an admittedly unrealistic example but it will illustrate my point:

If there were 1,000 people in a town, and 999 of them thought it was OK to rape people would that make the 1 person who didn't think it was Ok wrong?

Of course not.

One of the principals of Liberalism that I admire is this notion, this notion of defending what is right even if the majority disagrees; the way the Conservatives want to do it would mean the Majority in this country would be oppressing the minority. Say, for example if all the white people in the country felt that black people shouldn't be allowed to marry. How is that any different from heterosexual people telling homosexual people they can't get married? It's not, and anyone who thinks it is needs to wake up and get their head out of the sand.

That's what the Conservative agenda is all about. Conservatives just can't seem to stop themselves from telling other people what to do with their lives. They claim that the Liberals interfere with the lives of Canadians too much, but it is they who are trying to legislate their beliefs on to us. In my view all of the founding principals of Conservatism are hypocrisies such as these. Conservatives can't leave other people to their own business, they don't like same sex marriage, so instead of just doing like I do and not paying attention to it they make it their mission to exterminate it from around them.

That is what I'm fighting against, I can live with the reckless tax cuts and the idiotic foreign policy, but they will change the social fabric of this country, and promote the hatred we should all be working at trying to destroy forver.

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