Monday, January 02, 2006

I wonder if the Conservatives ever get tired of spreading lies

I’m sure all of us by now have seen the Conservative ad that chastises the Liberals for planning a negative campaign. Well low and behold before the Liberals have even gone negative there’s a new Conservative attack ad out that tells some rather interesting lies about the Sponsorship Scandal. I find it funny that the Conservatives are complaining that we’re going to go negative and that they go negative first. I don’t find it surprising however; those of you who have read my blog from the beginning know that one of the running themes on this site has been exposing Conservative hypocrisy.

Anyway, here is what is said in the ad, followed by the truth in parenthesis ()

When Paul Martin allowed over three hundred and thirty million to be spent on the sponsorship program…

(Actually, sorry to rain on your parade there creepy voiceover guy but it was Prime Minister Chrétien, as evidenced by the Gomery report, who was the ring leader as far as the Sponsorship program went. Technically the money would have had to have come from the Finance department of which Prime Minister Martin was the head but as was shown in the Gomery report he was fully exonerated from any knowledge of seedy activity. So that’d be like me being accused of giving you money because you used the money to go out and buy a gun and kill people. How is that my fault again? Exactly.)

When a hundred and forty seven million went to Liberal friendly ad agencies … And when millions of sponsorship dollars made their way back to the Liberals…”

(…they were paid back to the Canadian people and then the very few people responsible were named in a GOVERNMENT INQUIRY, whose report was subsequently handed over to the RCMP for use in any criminal investigation they saw fit to run. Oh wait that wasn’t what the Conservative ad says? But why wouldn’t the Conservatives tell the truth? Because the truth doesn’t get them any more votes. In fact if all Canadians took the time to sit down and find out the truth for themselves instead of just going on second and third hand information and 20 second news clips I suspect we’d see a plummet in Conservative support.)

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