Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Help me Ontario Kenobi, you're my only hope

I've seen some polls now that say the Liberals are 18 points behind the Conservatives. I just wonder why people don't seem to remember what things we like before 1993. The Progressive Conservatives, who this current Conservative party isn't even as good as, nearly bankrupted this country back then. Large corporations flourished and actual People were forgotten and forced to suffer so that the rich could get richer.

I just read a very moving piece by EchoMouse that drives this point home. For me, I was only 14 in 1993 so I was lucky enough to not really have to be at an age where I understood the horrible things the Conservatives were doing to my country, but EchoMouse is 41 and she saw it first hand, and I have a T.V. and I've seen what has happened down in the U.S. Where the current regime focuses not on the people but on making more money for themselves and their friends. Two of most important examples of this being Hurricane Katrina and the Iraq War. In both of these instances the Conservative heart showed little or no remorse for the victims. The only reason Bush acted at all on Katrina was because of public outcry, you need to think about if you want this kind of person leading our country. You need to think "Do I want the type of person who would stay on vacation for three days while his fellow citizens suffered when he had the power to do something about it?"

Now, I know the Liberals have faults, unlike most Conservative supporters I've encountered I can admit the problems with my party. I'm often called a hack by these people and they can't seem to understand why I support them. I support the Liberal party because I hold it's ideals true to my heart. I believe that all people should only be treated differently if their actions warrant it and not because of their gender or the color of their skin or their sexual orientation. I believe that people are more important than profits, I believe that we are stronger when we are together than we are when we are apart.

A lot of Conservatives think that people like me don't care about some of the things they care about. That is totally untrue, I'm deeply concerned about Western alienation, I'm concerned about agriculture because I realize those people produce the food I eat. But the difference is I care about all of these matters, and Conservatives only care about those that matter to them.

I would like to ask you all, to look past yourself for a moment. To see the 98 year old woman who'll be forced out of her old age home under a Harper government; to see all the children that won't get a chance to recieve early learning and get a head start on their education under a Harper government; to see the gays and lesbians who's only wish in the entire world is to be able to declare their love for each other without being persecuted; and to see their own children who'll be forced to deal with the massive debt load that will once again be created by a Conservative government. I would hope you'd look at these things and see what I see, that the Liberal party although it has faults, is the best choice for Canada.