Friday, January 13, 2006

Am I a Good Speechwriter or What?

I play a Virtual Parliament game called Politics Canada, in which I play rookie Liberal MP Jordan Dent. The Prime Minister resigned and thus we're holding a leadership campaign and I was chosen as the interim leader so I'm giving the opening address.

I figured I'd share this "pleasant fiction" with you, to help lift the spirits of my Liberal bretheren in this time of unprecedented crisis for our country.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a privilege and a profound honor to speak to you tonight as the current, and soon to be deposed…. *laughter* leader of the greatest party in the history of mankind. I’d like to talk about a vision tonight, and to bridge the gap that now lies before our great party between our glorious past and our limitless future.

I only had the pleasure of serving under Prime Minister Leto for a short time, but in that time the greatness of the man touched me, as I’m sure it touched all of you. When I heard of his resignation I thought that our peak had been reached for this generation. I thought that no one could carry his legacy in to the future. But my friends, I was wrong. I underestimated our great party; I underestimated the talent that lies within. And I declare to you, and for the entire world to hear, my firm belief that never before have three finer candidates been put forth in any leadership convention, for any party, anywhere, ever. *applause*

My friends I spoke to you of a vision; a vision that I have for the future of our party under our new leader; I would like to share this vision with you now.

The vision I speak of is of a country with no borders or boundaries, of a country that capitalizes on a future that has no limits, and of a country led through the 21st century and beyond, by a party that recognizes that we are so much stronger when we are together than we are when we are apart. The Party of King and Trudeau will lead Canadians in to the future! The party of Laurier and Pearson will take us there! To the place in my vision, to that of which I dream of every single night and that I know you dream of as well. *applause*

Friends, my vision is a Liberal vision, it is a common vision that we all share. It is not just my vision, but your vision as well! It is your family’s vision, your children’s vision! It belongs to all the people in our great land and we must help those who can not see it to find it for themselves. It is the vision of peace and equality, of freedom and love, of diversity and opportunity; and I have given this vision a name my friends. I call this vision Canada. *applause*

Over the course of today and tomorrow we will democratically choose the leader that will best fulfill this vision for us, and I am supremely confident that whomever we choose will be the best person for the job. I know this because with the talent we have before us we simply can not fail.

I welcome you all to this Leadership convention, and ask that you not only concern yourselves with work, but that you enjoy the company of your compatriots as well. I ask that you feed off of each others love for this great country, and off the Liberal vision we all share. And once we are finished our task we shall take leave of this place. And with a rejuvenated soul take our message of the vision we share back to our ridings, our cities, our towns, and our communities.

Thank you very much! Long live the Liberal party, and long live Canada!