Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wow! I'm Famous! (Or Infamous -Ed.)

I was just preusing over the latest stats for the site when I noticed that I had gotten 1 hit from someone in the Government of Alberta ( and 2 from someone in the Government of Canada. ( & (Oh Boy! I hope it was Monte Solberg! -Ed.) It's nice to know my blog is reaching those who walk the corridors of power, or maybe it's just some bored janitor on his break surfing on the PMs computer while he's away in Question Period. Who knows? perhaps the Conservatives are going to file a motion to have me exiled, I hope if they do it's called bill C-69! Or the NDP could be surfing on over wondering if I want to make a deal on my bandwidth budget to keep my internet server from being defeated. It may even be the Bloc Quebecois coming to tell me they want to seperate from my blog. Only time will tell.

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