Thursday, June 23, 2005

Conservatives Caught in Another Lie

Keeping all political affiliations aside for the moment, how in the world do the Conservatives expect people to believe anything they say if they keep lying? First it was The Grewal affair, then the letter that supposedly confirmed some "secret deal" between the Government and Jean Chretien's lawyers, and now they've been caught red handed, by ME! (woooo hoooo! -Ed.)

Exhibit A: Monte Solberg's Blog Entry of June 16th, 2005.
Some media reports are saying that the Conservatives will support Bill C 48, the NDP Budget Deal, in exchange for changes to C 38. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

We will never support C 48, because it is everything we think is wrong with the Libs. It is sloppy, without vision and open to waste. It was conceived by Paul and Jack in a Toronto hotel room that you rent by the hour. It was made up on the fly. In other words it is a classically Liberal piece of work.

We will vote against it, even while we are trying to get amendments to improve it. We may be less aggressive on it if we can get concessions on 48 or elsewhere, but we don't see that happening right now. So, for now we speak and criticize a terrible piece of legislation born of a corrupt government that will do anything to stay in power.

Exhibit B: John Reynolds on Countdown with Mike Duffy, June 23rd, 2005.

(CTV Website Text Story)
(Video of Countdown - Time index of Segment 10:52, Requires Windows Media Player)

Mike Duffy: So the idea was that the budgets would be dealt with but the same sex bill would wait until the fall to be finally completed?

John Reynolds: Yes, and I took that message back to our house leader and our leader, we debated it in caucus and felt that the points we were asking for one being that bill being delayed until the fall for third reading ... We agreed to pass the second finance bill, we agreed to do that last Thursday.

Just in case anyone accuses me of being the Blog equivalent of Germant Grewal the ... means that other statements were made in between, but had nothing to do with the overall theme, I've provided a link to the full, unclipped video of the segment for full transparency.

So we have the Conservative Finance Critic, a man who hopefully would be informed if a deal had been struck to pass a finance bill, saying they would never make a deal to pass 48 in exchange for a delay on 38, then we've got John Reynolds a former Conservative House Leader and a front bencher in Stephen Harper's shadow cabinet saying that not only would they consider such a proposal but that they actually made a deal to do exactly that!

Happy times are here again!

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