Monday, June 06, 2005

Why was he a Liberal again?

Ontario Liberal MP Pat O'Brien has announced that he is leaving the Liberal caucus and will sit as an independant because he opposes same-sex marriage.

Why was he a Liberal again?

Honestly, I'm happy about this. He's said he won't vote to bring down the government so I say good riddance, if he's so narrow-minded he should join the Conservative Alliance, the party that took narrow-mindedness from it's backwater status to the official opposition by simply changing it's name. It doesn't truly matter because he's effectively signed his resignation from Parliament when the next election is held.

Now you may accuse me of being insensitive to differing opinions within my party, and you'd be right. On this issue I can't condone bigotry. My feeling is if someone has a problem with the party they should try to solve it within the party. When the next election is held we'll get a candidate who's brain isn't stuck in the 18th century and move forward.

You may also draw comparisons to Belinda Stronach and scream that this is poetic justice. But you'd be wrong. The Conservative Alliance was angry at Stronach for leaving, I'm happy O'Brien is leaving. Steven Harper yelled at Belinda Stronach, told her she'd never be leader of the party (Since when is that his decision? -Ed.) and didn't try to comprimise with her at all. Paul Martin told Pat O'Brien that he would try to find a middle ground on hearings for same-sex marriage. And he did. His main complaints were as follows:

"I had assurances it would be meaningful and fair from the prime minister. That's not what's happening, in my judgment," he said.

He complained that the hearings have been given an artificial and unnecessary June 14 deadline. He said witnesses are only given 24 hours' notice to appear, are often berated and insulted by members of Parliament on both sides of the issue and that too many witnesses are being grouped together in one session.

My Responses are:

- Since Parliament is set to adjourn sometime between now and June 23rd I think the 14th is a reasonable date. Unless he doesn't want to allow the house any time to debate it.

- When your told to appear before a committee of the House of Commons you should get there as soon as humanly possible, if you need more than 24 hours to appear it should only be because your coming in from Neptune. (Classic West Wing Quote -Ed.)

- So he wants a gag order put on MPs?

- How long does it take for someone to testify before they start repeating themselves?

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