Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bad News for Monte

Whenever I need a good laugh I cruise on over to Monte Solberg's blog. Solberg as I'm sure you're aware is the Conservative MP for Medicine Hat, and the party's Finance Critic. He has also been imortialized in my Armageddon Threat Level Indicator as the color Yellow indicating High.

The reason Monte makes me laugh so much (At him, not with him -Ed.) is that he is so very conservative, he must bleed blue conservative blood.

I got a kick out of one of his most recent offerings where he basically insults the intelligence of the Canadian people because they all don't support the Conservatives.
I have done an indepth analysis of the latest polls and have decided that they are stupid. Come on, people still want to vote for the Libs with all that SPONSORSHIP SCANDAL stuff and the NDP BUDGET DEAL and the VOTE BUYING SCANDAL and the fact that they have Cabinet Minister's like JOE VOLPE and REG ALCOCK who bury the needle on the arrogance meter? You know you live in a very special country when a cabinet minister can speculate about using his powers to deport an opposition Member of Parliament, and it all just gets shrugged off.

what's the matter Monte? Not everyone buying into your party's "lets stone gay people" plan? or your "lets slash taxes to make us popular and bring back deficit financing" solution? Face it Monte, in the last election %70.4 of voters voted for a left of center party. People in this country don't think government policy should be copied from the Bible anymore, they haven't thought these things since the 1800s!

What I think is happening in Canada is that the West is behind the times socially because we in the East got a head start on them. Alberta wasn't admitted into Canada until 1905. We in the east got a 38 year head start. So if we calculate this out that means Alberta social policy is circa 1967!

Now before you dismiss me on this think about it, which province is generally held to be the most backwards in the Country? Newfoundland right? (Note- I don't think that I'm just saying that's what most people would probably say -Ed.) And Newfoundland was the last province admitted into Canada!

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calgarygrit said...

I think a lot of Conservatives are just really frustrated by sinking poll numbers.

Sort of like how Democrats kept wondering how they couldn't beat Bush last year despite everything that's gone on.