Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dryden Dissapoints me

I never was a fan of the Montreal Canadiens, I was a hardcore Nordique fan until they moved to Colorado and I followed them there (Happy I did too, 2 Stanley Cups later) that being said when I heard Ken Dryden was running for the Liberals I was pleased, a new big name to help bring the Liberal message to the common man. However I must say after watching him in Question Period and his performance running his department I'm pretty disappointed. Perhaps this is just a case of expecting too much, like when I went in thinking Revenge of the Sith was going to be the best Star Wars movie ever only to end up having it suck. (In My Opinion Anyway -Ed.)

Watch Question Period some day and you'll see what I mean, his answers seem rushed, like he's not able to convey what he's trying to say. I know the man is intelligent, I know he knows what he's talking about, but he just isn't a great orator, and if your running a portfolio as important as his you need to be.

Now you all know me, you know i'm a Liberal For Life and I support them to the ends of the Earth, but that doesn't mean I'm blind, and that doesn't mean I can't criticize. Face it when your getting out manouvered by Rona Freaking Ambrose in the House on a daily basis something is seriously wrong with your game. I mean Jesus even Ruby Dhalla smoked her on Countdown with Mike Duffy when Rona would actually let her talk, and she's a back bencher! I'm thinking he might need a stint in Triple A (That's to a less critical portfolio for those of you unfarmilliar with baseball terminology -Ed.) Hopefully when Martin shuffles his cabinet he'll bring someone else into the fold.

I'm open to any and all Liberal views on this issue so please feel free to comment.

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