Thursday, June 16, 2005

Waiting isn't going to change same-sex opinions

I've heard the same old refrain from the opponents of the same sex legislation. "Just wait! All we want you to do is to wait!"

Let me ask you something, take your opinion on same sex marriage as it is now. Do you imagine it being any different twenty years from now? Me Neither. So if waiting isn't going to change people's minds why should we bother waiting at all? I'm seeing this as merely a stall tactic on the part of the right. Hoping that the government can be defeated before it's put into law and the Conservatives can get into power and put forth their hidden agenda, which I would imagine has little to do with equal rights for anyone, let alone gays.

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Matt said...

I'd disagree with you on this somewhat. I don't think any MP's opinion will switch given more time. But if you look at societal opinions on gay rights, they are becoming more and more positive as time goes on.

But yes, the delay demonstrates their hope that Parliament will fall before C-38 passes. God forbid that the remaining three provinces and two territories be brought into line with the rest of the country.