Saturday, September 30, 2006

So, How's That REAL Inquiry Going?

One of my favorite posts I've written since I started this gig was entitled That the House condemns the government for its arrogance... It got it's title from the dubious confidence motion Harper and his boys levelled at our Liberal Government, resulting in the election that swept him and his ultra far right buddies in to limited power. (Not Limited Enough -Ed.)

One of the quotes in this article was from Stephen Harper.

Harper: "Mr. Speaker, a new government will get on with the real inquiry."

So Stevie, how's that real inquiry going? You know, on the Sponsership Scandal, you know it's only the ENTIRE REASON you defeated the government.

Of course, there is no real inquiry. I knew there wouldn't be one. As I've said many times before the Conservatives aren't interested in cleaning up the corruption, they're interested in being the ones doing the corrupting. This is the same type of garbage they spouted off about how the Gomey inquiry was bogus, all the while taking any bad thing said about the Liberals from the inquiry and screeching about it at the top of their lungs for days afterward in Question Period. People who don't watch politics as closely as I do never get to see this hypocracy, never get to see how full of shit their new government was when they were in opposition. If I were the Liberal Ad maker all I would have done was taken videos from parliament such as instances of these, and then at the end I'd have a narrator ask "Are these really the people you want running the country?"

Now, all the right wing nutjobs out there will be able to come up with tons of bullshit explainations why we haven't seen a new inquiry, but they're already too far gone for anyone to be able to do anything to help them, no this is aimed at you're average Joe or Jane Voter out there, who voted against the Liberals because they were told by the Conservatives they'd get to the bottom of this. Also, what about all this talk about the gun registry being even worse than the sponsership scandal and how it was a massive slush fund? Why haven't the Conservatives blown the whistle on that? Simple, there's nothing to blow the whistle about.

Now do I want an inquiry run by Conservatives? Of course not, the purpose of such an inquiry wouldn't be to find the truth it would be a witch hunt.

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