Wednesday, September 27, 2006

White House: Releasing Full Terror Report Would Endanger Lives


I imagine the lives in question would be those of the Bush Administration were the people to find out the entire truth. It must be very nice to be able to classify anything that you don't want out in the general public.

But alas I've lost so much confidence in my fellow man in the 2,076 days since Bush was elected that I doubt even if they did know they'd do anything about it. Oh the Democrats would try, but with the absolute power the Bush Administration has they wouldn't succeed, and with so many sheep who possess a Harriet Myers like crush on the President to stand between those who would save the country and those who are slowly destroying it the bloodshed would make September 11th look like a drive by shooting.

Ever closer I get to advocating a new map of North America, allowing the nutjobs on the right to have their own country to destroy while we in the center/left prosper.

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