Monday, June 08, 2009

Fellow Liberals, Prey for us Here in Nova Scotia

With the latest poll released on Thursday showing the NDP here at 47% to our 26% and the PC's 23% I've obviously been looking for a way to escape the Province before Premier *gag* Dexter shuts down all inter-provincial travel.

This has been something I've long dreaded ever since the 1998 election where the NDP came razor close to forming a government. But never did I think things would get so bad. 47%?!?! are you people on crack or something? I mean I know Ronald Rodney MacDonald did a piss poor job but when there's a cliff up ahead the answer isn't to jam your foot down on the gas!

What's worse is everyone I know, save my loyal family, has gotten a bad case of The Orange Plague. I go on Facebook and post my hatred for the Orange Menace and dear friends reply back to me with the same old idiocy: 'Oh just let them in, let's see what they can do." One Dipper candidate is posting his journey on Daily Kos and said he tells people at the doorstep "If you don't like us you can give us the boot in 4 years!" to which I say: Well that's certainly reasonable, I mean after all they can't do much damage in 4 years right? Just look at Bob Rae in Ontario... Ok, that's a bad example. But what about George W. Bush's first term, that was 4 years right? Ok, that was a worse example.

It's the day before election day and these are the only hopes I have left.

- Maybe enough people will snap the fuck out of it and vote Liberal (and yes, even PC) to keep them to a minority.

- A local indi newspaper here in Halifax called The Coast wrote a front page article entitled Who is Premier Darrell Dexter. Yes, that's right they called him Premier before he even gets elected. So I'm hoping that might keep a lot of young people who'd normally support the NDP home on election day thinking they've got it sewn up.

- Maybe the pollsters were drunk when they made their calls.

- Perhaps a giant octopus will rise from Halifax Harbour and swallow NDP Headquarters whole on election night.

Anyway, to my fellow Liberals currently enjoying the governments in BC, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and PEI... prey for us here in wayward Nova Scotia.

P.S. anyone in the above mentioned provinces got a couch I can crash on for the next 4-5 years?


Robert McClelland said...

It looks like liberal and conservative fearmongering (Socialists! Unions!! Bob Rae, Bob Rae!!!) isn't working any longer.

The Rational Number said...

I think that poll only counts decided voters, and the number of undecided voters went up, resulting in a higher percentage of decided voters choosing NDP.

I wonder if many of those undecided will choose Liberal tomorrow. They could, of course, abstain.

There is also the distribution of votes to consider. If that increased support is still concentrated mostly in the same HRM ridings then the number of NDP seats probably won't form a majority.

OTOH, which ridings would the NDP lose? Their seat count is unlikely to decrease I think.

So if in 2006 we have:
PC 23/NDP 20/LIB 9 (PC minority)

The best I hope for is:
PC 11/NDP 20/LIB 21 (LIB minority)

That means a shift of 12 seats from PC to LIB. It's possible, but only if Rodney does his best at being worst.

A shift of 8 seats from PC to LIB:
PC 15/NDP 20/LIB 17 (NDP minority)

That's a little easier to imagine.

Amyway, we'll know tomorrow. ;-)

Hishighness said...

Yeah, people do have short memories don't they Bobby?

You know what they say though: Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Robert McClelland said...

That depends on what history you're talking about. Are you referring to the NDP's short foray in Ontario in the midst of a nasty recession or the NDP's very successful history in Saskatchewan and Manitoba; where in the latter by the way, the NDP is running a balanced budget this year and the province's GDP is expected to grow.

Hishighness said...

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

Robert McClelland said...

Clearly there's no point in trying to engage you in a rational discussion if you believe that multiple governments in Saskatchewan and Manitoba are the exception while one government in Ontario is the rule.

Hishighness said...

Engage me? What is this Top Gun?

"He's too close for missiles, switching to guns!"