Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Hopes Counter

Well, I had my hopes, let's see how many of them came true and how many didn't last night.

- I hope that we can hold the NDP to a minority.
Nope, came up 5 seats short of averting disaster.

- I hope the Liberals increase their seat count.
Yup, up by 2.

- I hope the Liberals can at least get official opposition.
By the skin of their teeth. Do teeth have skin?

- I hope the Liberals hold on to the two seats we currently have in Metro Halifax.
Shockingly yes, we did, and gained 2 as well!

- I hope we can take my home riding Dartmouth East, the guy running there is named Andrew Younger and he's a great city councilor, not to mention he chose the best party to run for.
YES!!! This was by far the biggest surprise for me last night and it was a pleasant one! Go Andrew Go!

- I hope we can win the riding I currently live in Halifax-Sable Island. (Can the Sable Island horses vote?)

Nope, lost it by a country mile. (Although if those Sable Island Horses would have been able to vote we would have had it cuz they're all Liberal)

- I hope Stephen McNeil wins his seat.
It was close, he only got 73.32 percent of the vote.

- I hope Premier MacDonald wins his seat. (unless it's the Liberals who win it from him.)
Check, although now I hope he quits and we can win it in a By-Election.

- I hope Paula Lunn wins Hants West. (I lived there for 7 months after a fire destroyed my home)
Nope, lost in a close one again.


Anonymous said...

We'll win next time, dude. Don't lose hope.

For now, though, Official Opposition ain't bad.

Hishighness said...

Better than a sharp stick in the eye.