Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It's Official

My home riding has gone Red.

Andrew Younger has shocked the world and become the only person to unseat an NDP tonight.

It sucks to lose my home Province to the Orange Menace, but it's fantastic that the soil upon which I grew up will be Liberal Red, part of the loyal opposition to this terrible, terrible government.

Joan Jessome, head of a huge union now on CBC bullshitting that the NDP won't be paying her and her friends back handsomely.

Enjoy your bought and paid for government Joaney.


Anonymous said...

I've lived under provincial conservatives, and provincial NDP. Let me tell you, NDP is way better than conservative.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Andrew as I liked him as a counselor. Watched the results with a group of neighbours, all of whom I believe voted for him as well.


BriguyHFX said...

I've watched him in council, and I must say: Andrew! Just because you want to say something about a topic doesn't mean you should! Control your urges now that you've been promoted.