Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iran: How You Can Help

First, get informed on the situation. is a real time Twitter Tracker that is currently set on the #IranElection, #Tehran, and #Mousavi hashes. It updates automatically so you don't have to keep refreshing.

Alternatively, you can use twitter's search page.
Searching for a hashtag will show all recent posts under that tag.

Contact the Canadian Government and ask them to allow wounded protesters in to our embassy for medical help and treatment.

Find your MP By Postal Code

Prime Minister Harper
Phone: 613-992-4211
Fax: 613-941-6900

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon
Phone: 613-992-5516
Fax : 613-992-6802

Canadian Embassy in Iran
Email :

Cyberwar guide for the Iran elections - A Guide to helping the Iranian Protesters on the internet.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, or links to articles showing how people can help please post them in the comments.


Hishighness said...

A Tweet from Iran

I don't know where to start with, first they attack our peacful memorial gathering in front of the university with water gun the university's doors were close, we couldn't run everywhere! & then they start shooting tear gas at us they were so many! riot police, normal police, intel, IRG, Basij! I managed to scape, but they captured so many people all routes to Azady square were blocked & if anyone stopped walking or walking slow they hit him/her brutally there was no safe path, people were walking in cycles between all variety of security forces I think they made fun of people, don't go here, go this way, not that way & for no apparent reason suddenly attacking random people we tried our best using all known shortcuts for reaching Azady SQ were mousavi was, but ended up in face to face with IRG they weren't just the ordinary police or motorcycle riot guard, they were soldiers holding MP5 supported by reinforced military cars we didn't realize for a moment they started shooting at people, the gun's sound was like a toy gun, not loud & the soliders were smiling I was going to tell masood they are using fake guns for scaring people! until people started screaming in agony we were at Nosrat st, and that part of that damned street had no were for covering we ran as fast as we could in the opposite direction, at the same time basiji bastards started to hit fleeing people I think I saw 2 or 3 people lying on the ground in blood & IRG started to move them, probably hide them. I lost masood in the crowd in upper streets of Nosrat the irony was everything was calm there & people overthere shocked by the looks of us.

Hishighness said...

And it just keeps getting better and better...

now there are reports the Government Forces are taking station around embassies to prevent people from seeking medical assistance there.

Gene said...

A few relevant links:
- Iranian presidential election 2009 - wiki
- NIAC Insight
- Global Voices - Iran
- International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
- Payvand News
- More live updates.

Andrew Sullivan has also been following events since the start.