Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eyewitness Account of the Massacre at Baharestan Square, Iran.

This is a rush transcript done by me, some of the words I don't know how to spell so I put the (sp?) tag after them. Video below.

Ivan: Can you tell us what you saw today when you tried to go to Baharestan Square?

Caller: Yes, it was uh, 5:30, I was going uh towards uh Baharestan with my friends, and uh this was everyone not only just supporters of one candidate the other, eh everyone all of my friends we were going to Baharestan to express our opposition to these killings these days and demanding freedom, uh, but uh the black uh clad police, they stop everyone at sadi(sp?) they let uh, they en, they um uh emptied the busses, uh, that were taking people there and let the private cars go on and uh we went on until faredosee(sp?) and then all of a sudden some 500 people with clubs and woods they uh came out of hidayan(sp?) mosque and they pulled into the streets and they uh started beating everyone and they they uh, they tried to beat everyone on sadi(sp?) bridge and um throwing them off of the bridge and...

Ivan: This is a pedestrian bridge?

Caller: Yes, a pedestrian bridge and everyone also on the sidewalks they beat a woman so savagely that uh, she was a drenched in blood. her husband who was watching the scene he just fainted and um I also saw people shooting uh, i mean the the security forces shooting on people on lawlezar(sp?) and uh at first people were brave that booed the security forces but they were beating people like Hell, this was a massacre. They were trying to beat people so that they would die. They were cursing, saying very bad words to everyone. they were beating old men and this was a ... this was exactly a massacre. You should stop this! You should stop this! You should help the people of Iran who demand freedom!

Ivan: Um, uh,

Caller: You should help us!

Ivan: I uh ... how many of you were there in this terrible situation?

Caller: There were thousands of people on, on the street but it was me and 10 of my friends.

Ivan: And, and you said they the security forces were shooting at the people, did you see anybody injured by gunfire?

Caller: No, as I explained earlier, I didn't see mysel, I heard the shooting and my friends and I we just scat-tered uh, we heard the shooting near lalizar(sp?) and we were near there and we just ran away. I didn't see again what happened, I'm sure people are dead there but i couldn't see, I couldn't catch the film or anything.

Ivan: Um, my dear this is this is really terrifying to hear and we're not only getting this report from you, we're got a report from another source in Tehran, describing the situation today being terrible. Uh saying people were being shot like animals, they beat the people like animals are you safe right now?

Caller: Yes, exactly, exactly, exactly this is what, what's happening they beat people so bad. You know in, in the previous days they are killing students with axe you know they, they put the axe through the heart of young men and it's so, em ... devastating! I don't know how to describe it I can't find the words, but this is horrific! This is genocide! This is a massacre! This is HITLER! And you should, you people should stop it! I mean it's, long time we have been exposed to this and nobody takes action! It's time to act!

Ivan: Um, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Um, I want to make sure that that you don't get in to trouble for talking to us this way, and, and thank you for your bravery in sharing this with you, I know this situation is uh, is terrifying on the streets of Tehran today.

Caller: Ok, thank you.

Ivan: Ok, stay with us, I'm gonna pass back to Tony now. Uh, a harrowing account from a young woman, ah, telling us about what's going on ah, just a few hours ago in downtown Tehran. Tony?
Tony: Look um, Ivan appreciate it and uh, ah I know you're still talking to sources. Uh, we need to take a, a deep breath and consider what we've heard here, let's do that, Let's take a break, we're back with more CNN newsroom in just a moment.

Update: Videos alleged to be from Baharestan Square
(Warning: Graphic!)

Video 1
Video 2


ee5472 said...

The Iranian authorities and leaders are committing crimes against humanity,and our administration is quiet.Someone should publicly announce that once the dust settles people responsible for these acts will be prosecuted.The oppressing regime of Iran should be made aware of accountability.

kho said...

Send this video to Obama. This is not acceptable by any means. Obama needs to get on the same page with the Eroupeans, and together they need to announce that the savages will be procecuted.

Anonymous said...

Two comments on this issue that may be worth taking into consideration:
1) see here; and
2) 3:23 pm: From a trusted source who attended today’s silent rally at Baharestan Square. I was there from 5:15 to 7:30. It was very tense. Being out in Baharstan was an act of defiance. No one said anything, there were only a few chants coming from outside the square. Although the police were a lot nicer, the Basij continued to be brutal. No one was allowed to stand in one place, we had to keep on moving. The moment we stood in one place, they would break us up. I saw many people get blindfolded and arrested, however it wasn’t a massacre. I heard that someone was killed, however I didn’t see it. - Link

Hishighness said...

"but I also believe the pictures shown by press TV"

Typing that Sentence destroys any credibility a poster has in my eyes. It's like saying "I think Fox News is the most trustworthy media outlet in the U.S."

But, I wasn't there so I can't say what happened. I merely put info up and let people do their own research.

uffe said...

Be careful now. She uses words like "massacre" and even "genocide" and "Hitler". It is very emotional, very powerful. But what she describes is not necessarily a massacre. She talks about many things but almost nothing of it involves actual killing. When it does, she didn't see that herself, but she was somehow "sure" it happened. Either that or it happened during "previous days".

Not convinced this is Tiananmen yet...

Hishighness said...

So hacking someone in the heart with an axe wouldn't kill them?

But yeah, I see what you're saying. Like I say above tho I'm just putting info out there, it's up to people to decide what's true to them.

uffe said...

"So hacking someone in the heart with an axe wouldn't kill them?"

That's what supposedly happened "in the previous days". Not there and then. And she doesn't say see saw that anyway.

I agree there is nothing wrong with putting the story up and letting the readers draw the conclusions. But perhaps the headline is a bit misleading.

Hishighness said...

Oh well, TFB.

kho said...

You are a fool, uffe. You people are so affraid to accept that something like this can actually happen in another part of the world. Your world is an imaginary one. You see the whole world the way you see our little paradise island here that is out of touch with reality. No, these mass murders have happend in different forms for 30 years. You just don't want to accept it because it bothers you too much. Oh, F@!ing Well; Get over it.