Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Everyone Knows There's No Money in Peace

As if this is a Surprise, our fearless leader isn't too keen on any possible peacekeeping mission to aid in the current Middle East crisis.

Of course Harper and his buddies aren't interested in it, there's no money in peace. They know the real money is in invading Lebanon and Syria and Iran and stripping them of all their natural resources. Now I support Israel on this, but not because I want these other countries as colonies of some North American country, I support them because the people running these other countries are sick and provoked them and I believe that they have a right to defend themselves. People may equate that to Dubya invading Iraq, but it's totally different. #1 Iraq didn't do anything to the U.S. #2 Iraq doesn't border the U.S. and is in fact thousands of miles away. and #3 IRAW DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO THE U.S.

Harper is an embarrassment, Canada is a country whose reputation will get tarnished every single day we let that man rule. We're a country that was founded on justice and promoting peace throughout the world. Now we have a war mongering leader. Thankfully he doesn't yet have total dictatorial control yet, but that day could be coming. He's already fooling many people with his government's passive approach to their key issues. They know they can't do what they really want so they don't even mention it at all, then people think "Oh, well the Liberals were wrong, these guys aren't so bad." That's like someone getting released from prison but with a 24 hour guard with them and then being declared no longer a threat to society.

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Miles Lunn said...

I agree with much of your sentiment. I would also add Israel only has 5 million people while the United States has 280 million people so when talking about a nation of 5 million against several nations totally 200 million as opposed to a nation of 280 million and roughly 500 million when you include all the coalition of the willing countries against a country of 25 million people, the two aren't comparable. Never mind Iraq never called for the United States to be wiped off the map, whereas Hezbollah and Hamas have called for Israel to be wiped off the map.