Monday, July 03, 2006

Bravo to Superstore

I'd just like to give a big hat tip to the Real Atlantic Superstore for defying Premier Ronald Rodney MacDonald's Moronic Adjustment to the Sunday Shopping law. Article I hope this means a legal challenge is in the offing, and I hope the courts blow this outrage right out of the water. Shame on Sobeys for not joining with Superstore to fight the idiocy that is Conservatism.


Miles Lunn said...

I agree here. Thankfully out here in BC we don't have these ridiculous backward laws. We had them up until 1986 (I was only five then), but we didn't want to look like laughing stocks to the rest of the World when Expo 86 came so we finally got rid of those archaic laws. In fact border towns had their briskest business on Sundays as Canadians would go South to shop on Sunday and Bellingham and Point Roberts bars were mostly Canadians on Sundays since drinking on Sundays was illegal until 1986.

I heard Ontario bans shopping on Stat holidays, which I also think is stupid. I think stores should be allowed to be open any day of the year they wish, which they are in British Columbia.

Social Lib said...

I completely agree. Nova Scotia: Welcome to the 21st Century.