Saturday, July 22, 2006

Conservatism Makes My Head Hurt

I'm just wondering if other sane people (a.k.a. Liberals) share the same experiences when you try to listen to Conservatives weave their web of lies? For me, I really honestly can't stand to listen to a hard core Conservative speak for any more than a couple of minutes at a time, I try to read their posts and their blogs and my mind screams at me "YOU'D BETTER GET ME SOME SANITY QUICK OR I'M GOING TO EXPLODE!!!"

I mean, they're just SO WRONG it just defies description, it makes me depressed to think that there are human beings out there, with similar brain capacity and intellect to my own, that are so completely wrong about the way the world works. I was lying in bed last night and I thought to myself: Can I find some common ground with these people? And it came to me: No, I can't. I can't think of any part of mantra Conservatism that I agree with, even in the slightest. Every now and then I find myself agreeing with them on an issue, for example the current Israel vs Lebanon conflict I wrote about in my last post. But I think that's just law of averages. Even in this case I don't agree 100%.

Also, another thing that troubles me is how they can take a seemingly black and white situation and still manage to get it wrong.

Take this discussion:
Guy #1 (Leftie): In fact, the right-wing strategy has taken out Iran's biggest enemy, and weakened us so much that we're not really winning in either Afghanistan or post-Saddam Iraq, and we can't easily take on Iran and North Korea. What a mess the hawks have created! Get them out, and put in some solid liberal policies that use the carrot and the stick.

Guy #2: (Rightie): The carrot and stick is why Israel is now clearing out Hizbollah underground terrorist camps.

Um, HUH? Left wing policies are why the current conflict is happening? Um, tell me who's been in almost total power in all 3 branches of government in the U.S. for over 5 years now? Even if Clinton's policies were to blame (which of course they weren't) you've had 5+ years to clean up this phantom mistake. I think Right Wingers just have a neurological disorder, like Bill Maher says, that prevents them from grasping the ture nature of the world. I think we should offer free advanced learning to all Right Wing thinking people, to get them on our level, to join us in the 21st century from the 18th. It'd be quite a culture shock I'm sure, but they think they're pretty strong and tough so they can probably handle it. I should start an "Adopt a Rightie" program, where all the sane people of the world take a Rightie into their home and teach him about totally new concepts like tolerance and the like. I might be on to something here!


Cherniak_WTF said...

I think RIghties are there so that's it's easy to identify premature babies later on in life.

There was a study (this is actually true), that identified Rightwingers as whiney little bitches.

I think euthanasia is the cure. Or abortion until the age of 18.

So, when I'm laying in bed, the last thing I'm worried about is Conservatism - Mr Happy down there would not enjoy the lovely BJ from the missus....

When it comes to the Harper regime - I like that icebreaker thing - of course he wants to open the Arctic to commercial features and I was hoping to enforce sovereignty.

Miles Lunn said...

I agree with the Conservatives on several issues such as the gun registry, smaller government and general support for free enterprise. However, I have found conservatives unlike liberals to be rigid in ideology. Liberals accept that some disagreements on individual issues is okay as long as you generally agree with the party's platform. On the other hand Conservatives don't tolerate any deviation from their ideology much the same way socialists don't tolerate any deviation either. That is the main reason why I am a Liberal not a Conservative.

Hangin to the left said...

You are generalizing "conservatism" in all its parts. Are you referring to social conservatism? market conservatism? christian conservatism?

I consider myself a progressive, but by no means do I generalize and vilify all conservatism. Your analysis requires more thought.

HisHighness said...

I love how people say something like "your analysis requires more thought" when they don't agree with it. "Oh no, no no it's not that I disagree with what your saying I just don't think you've thought it through." How the hell do you know how long I've thought about this? My analysis is dead on, you know why? Because I'm saying what I think, if you find someone who knows what I think better than me let me know.

Anyway, Every aspect of Conservatism I've ever seen I disagree with, the only thing I even come close to agreeing with is the extra support needed for the military. But they want to add money to it so they can conquer oil contries, and stage first strikes against countries with people who live in cargo shacks. I want to add money to it so it is prepared to help Canadians in times of disaster, serve Canadian interests in peacekeeping affairs, and save and protect Canadians from harm.

Harper put more money in to DART, which I think is great, except he just put more money in to it so he could say to Dubya "Hey boss, I got a military too!" and Dubya would say "Oh, isn't that cuuuuuuuuute!" and toss Harper a doggie treat.

Miles Lunn said...

I generally agree with market conservatism, but strongly disagree with social conservatism and Christian conservatism. Even the Liberals support market conservatism, just in a more modified form compared to the Conservatives. Both parties support tax cuts and debt reduction just to different degrees. Now off course on funding for social programs our parties differ dramatically.