Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Wow, what a night. After over 9 long, agonizing years for Canada we've finally returned to where we should be, a strong Liberal majority government.

I have to admit, while I thought we would win last night I never thought we would have the kind of electoral romp we did. When Atlantic Canada first went all red leading and elected I took a screenshot of it and posted on my facebook...

Of course happily I WAS wrong and Liberals swept Atlantic Canada, my homeland. I told my brother we needed 25 seats in Atlantic Canada to start a good night, we got 32. And far sweeter we got rid of some of the NDP's "talent." People like all style and no substance Megan Leslie and the amazingly full of himself Robert Chisholm were super sweet because those are my home ridings. (I grew up in one and live in the other now) Megan Leslie was the sweetest though, I'd seen her crush our hopes so many times, never thought we'd ever get rid of her useless "representation" and now, today we have not only done that we have an MP in a majority Liberal government. Given 308's projections I thought we had a shot to rid ourselves of her, but Peter Stoffer was a complete shock, I never expected to get his riding, or Jack Harris or Fundy Royal, or Tobique-Mactaquac... YEAH!

I mean we just completely decimated the NDP, I couldn't have dreamed for a better result. And if we go forward with Instant Runoff Voting for 2019 think of it, the Conservatives aren't going to put the NDP as their second choice and the NDP aren't going to put the Conservatives as their second choice... We could rid ourselves of the orange menace once and for all! Send them the way of the So-Creds.

But, in 2011 we were the ones in this position. So we need to be vigilant my Liberal friends, we need to make sure the NDP never recover from this ass kicking, and a great start is seeing Tom Mulcair is supposedly staying on as leader. If it were up to me he'd be their leader for life, he's the greatest Liberal leader of all time, and he's not even a Liberal!

If you want to relive the magic that was October 19th, 2015 CBC has posted the full election coverage on Youtube. Enjoy!

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