Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Dipper and Green blame train stops at Voter station

I am absolutely loving watching the NDP meltdown, it's a show that is only on once in a while but I'd watch it every day if I could. The latest narrative from the NDP is to basically claim voters are idiots because they didn't vote for them. And Elizabeth May pretty much said the same thing.

No, really.

Now of course they didn't come right out and say it like that. They just blame "strategic voting" and basically insinuate that the average voter in this country is too stupid to know what party their MP is so they all just voted for the Liberals.

It reminds me of Bill Maher talking about the Republican post mortem on the 2012 election. "Maybe our policies suck... nah, no it can't be that our policies are awesome!"

Please, PLEASE keep thinking that NDP, please keep thinking that you guys are all that Canadians want and it was just because of Harper you lost. Also please PLEASE keep Tom Mulcair as your leader! He serves a dual purpose, #1 he's the greatest leader the Liberals could hope for and #2 when I'm suffering from insomnia I can just pop on a Mulcair speech and I'm out like a light in minutes. This guy puts ambien to sleep.

Face it Dippers, Canadians soundly rejected you as they pretty much always have, despite Quebecker's brief fling with Jack Layton (God rest his soul) in 2011. But keep believing you're awesome, it'll make 2019 much easier.

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