Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dear Dippers: It wasn't strategic voting, you lost because we ran a better campaign

So I was reading this article on the Metro website about how the Conservatives appearing with the Fords was the worst thing they did in their campaign according to swing voters, when I see this part at the bottom.
The Liberal Party, meanwhile, had only positives scores.
The promised “tax cuts for middle class/increase for high earners” earned a 56 per cent, followed closely by “Trudeau’s campaign” (55 per cent) and “Trudeau’s debate performance” (51 per cent).
As for the NDP, its plan to raise corporate taxes was the most positive factor among its swing voters (47 per cent), while the only negative was the party’s place in the polls (-8% per cent).
8% underwater on place in the polls is not a massive factor. Sorry Dippers, you can try to explain away the electoral ass kicking we gave you last Monday all you want by insulting voters intelligence, saying they were too dumb to know they already had an NDP MP and so on; but in the end we ran a better campaign than you.

Of course I personally hope they keep blaming everyone but themselves, makes it easier for us to crush them again in 2019.

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