Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Althia Raj and Huffington post, do they work directly for the NDP or is it like an arm's length thing?

So last week I watched this video from the Huffington Post, in which the interviewer who is not seen (but now I'm guessing is Althia Raj) asks straw man argument type questions to then Liberal candidate for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
"Interviewer: One of your recommendations in your platform is with regards to question period, you want to have a PM question time like they do in Britain. I think a lot of people would be surprised to find out that Justin Trudeau only wants to be in the House of Commons one day a week to answer questions.
Justin Trudeau: Actually, that's not what it means."
Nah, that's not a question that injects the answer the interviewer wants right into it or anything... She then goes on for the rest of the interview to try to inject her narrative into Trudeau's mouth with no success.

So I posted it on my Facebook and forgot about it. Until I watched this video today.
"Althia Raj: In fact we know question period is going to change, in the Liberal party's platform Justin Trudeau wants to answer questions once a week we're not sure if that means more than once a week so we'll only have him once a week in the Commons...He says that doesn't mean that if he's in the house he won't answer certain questions but you can rest assured that perhaps he will be more open and communicative outside of the Commons but not necessarily inside of the Commons."
Since Althia Raj was the Huffington Post's reporter following the Liberal campaign it stands to reason she was probably the one who asked that question. So I think that all of us should be concerned for her since she seems to be suffering from amnesia. (More like selective amnesia)

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