Saturday, January 31, 2015

Romney's flirtation with 2016 was never serious

Mitt Romney never intended to run for President in 2016, just like Sarah Palin will never run for President ever again. Why do they keep saying they're going to? Oh there are Million$ of reasons.

People like Romney and Palin have hit the jackpot. All they need to do is to convince enough of the rubes who populate the base of the Republican party that they're going to run and talk bad about President Obama and their coffers get filled with money. Which, after they inevitably bow out they're free to spend on themselves. Believe me when I tell you people like Romney and Palin don't hate President Obama. They LOVE him he's a cash cow for them, he's Liberal and he's black! By attacking him you get to suck money out of the Right wingers, the anti Muslims and Racists, the religious nutjobs. What's not to like?

I personally love this, it takes money from the pockets of morons and keeps that money from going to a candidate that might actually challenge the Democrats in 2016.

I wish Intrade hadn't gotten shut down by the Government. Yeah, good job there Government by the way, you let all these greedy fuck bankers get off scott free but you take down a harmless futures trading site. I could have made all kinds of money on people who really thought these two greedy fucks would actually run.

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Scott Tribe said...

Long time no blog, Lib4Life.. are you going to make a bogging comeback?